Living Learning Community (Residence)

First-Year Residence for Humanities Colloquium Students 

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If you are in the Humanities Colloquium, you will have the option to live with a group of students who are motivated and serious about studying the humanities. A block of single rooms will be reserved for students in the Humanities Colloquium in Bishop’s Hall. 

As students from previous years of the Humanities Colloquium have said, the residential part of the Humanities Colloquium creates a close community where students are there to help one another, both academically and socially. 

How do I secure my room in Bishops? 

If you select the Humanities Colloquium and wish to live in Bishops, you must complete an application for residence and submit it by the residence deadline. You must indicate on your application that you’re a Humanities Colloquium student.  


Do Humanities Colloquium students have to live in Bishops? 

No. Every year, as many as half of the Humanities Colloquium students elect not to live in the Humanities Colloquium residence.  

We have found that shared experiences in residence are beneficial academically and socially, but we understand that there are good reasons for students to live in one of our other residences or off campus. Students who live elsewhere are still fully a part of the Humanities Colloquium community.


Humanities Colloquium

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