Humanities Colloquium Courses and Registration

How do I enroll in the Humanities Colloquium? 

Enrolling is simple! Send an email message to the Admissions Department, @email, or you can call Admissions at 902-867-2219. Enrollment in the Humanities Colloquium requires nothing beyond being admitted into the Bachelor of Arts Program at StFX. Any student admitted to Arts at X is welcome to enroll in the HC. 

Which courses will you take? 

When you select the Humanities Colloquium, a special space will be reserved for you in special sections of our first -year courses. For 2023-2024, these courses will be: 

  • English 100  

  • History 101/102 
    Art History 141/142

  • Philosophy 100 

You will be put into these sections automatically after you’re enrolled in the Humanities Colloquium. These sections will be entirely restricted to the students in the colloquium. 

The courses in the Humanities Colloquium make up 18-credits of your first-year courses. As such, you’ll need to choose 12 other credits to fill out your first year of study. You may choose courses from the social sciences, languages, humanities, or sciences. 

All these courses will be taught in a coordinated way. For example, when you’re learning about the ancient Greek polis in History, at the same time, you’ll be studying Aristotle in Philosophy and Greek literature in English. Although the Humanities Colloquium is designed to challenge students, it is not more work than other first-year humanities courses. 

The professors in the colloquium will be coordinating their lectures and discussions so that the material learning in one course will be used to reinforce the other two. They will teach together (and in each other’s classes) and there will be no conflicts in the due dates of assignments. 


Humanities Colloquium

706 Nicholson Tower
2329 Notre Dame Avenue
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