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Thesis/Research Papers


Observing the Performance of KV Store under Different Energy Saving Strategies Chenhao Qi  2023 B.Sc. Honours Man Lin
Taylor Smith
Valuing Bermuda-Style Put Options Using Symbolic Regression Liam Johnston  2023 B.Sc. Honours James Hughes
Milton King
Reinforcement Learning for CPU Power Management: A Survey Xinyi Li 2023 B.Sc. Honours Jean-Alexis Delamer
Man Lin
Transfer Learning Methods for Visual Word Sense Disambiguation Yuchen Wei  2023 B.Sc. Honours Milton King
James Hughes
Word Predominant Sense Yuxuan Liang 2023 B.Sc. Honours Milton King
James Hughes
Bre3Der Ethan Heavey 2022 B.Sc. Advanced Major James Hughes
A Comparison of Multiple Supervised Learning Techniques for Conducting Text Classification Matthew Chapeski 2022 B.A. Honours James Hughes
Ensembles of Regression U-Nets for Image Estimation  Xinyu Xie 2022 B. Sc. Honours Jacob Levman
Deadline-Aware Deep-Recurrent-Q-Network Governor for Smart Energy Saving Ti Zhou 2021 B. Sc. Honours Man Lin
Relating Interpretations to Actions in Human-Robot Interactions Noah Barrett 2021 B. Sc. Honours James Hughes
Ensemble Methods For Deep Learning Image Classification Prahar Ijner 2021 B. Sc. Honours Jacob Levman
An Introduction of Deep Reinforcement Learning Zihao Shen 2021 B. Sc. Honours Qingchen Zhang
Modeling Raw Audio Generation: Theory and Experiments Travis MacDonald 2021 B.A. Honours James Hughes
A Comparative Study Of SVM And STM Yuchen Shen 2021 B. Sc. Honours Laurence T. Yang
Updating Stationary Distribution Of Higher Order Markov Chain With Iterative Aggregation Yinan Gu 2021 B. Sc. Honours Laurence T. Yang
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for 3D Medical Image Semantic Segmentation and Estimation Jueqi Wang 2021 B. Sc. Honours Jacob Levman
Modeling COVID with Computational Learning and Applying Vaccination based on a Scale-free Network Chao Xue 2021 B. Sc. Honours James Hughes
Jacob Levman
Multiparty Session Types for Safe, Reliable Processes

Logan Murphy


B. Sc. Honours Wendy MacCaull

The improved ResNet-152 with its application in chest X-rays imaging

Hang Yu

2020 B. Sc. Honours Laurence T. Yang
Qingchen Zhang

Improve the Accuracy of Deep Convolution Networks in Identifying Breast MRI Images

Jingyuan Wang

2020 B. Sc. Honours Iker Gondra
Man Lin

Genetic Programming: Evolutionary Representation Variation

Jacob Turner


B. Sc. AM Co-op

James Hughes

Applying Game Theoretic Methods to Low Power Management in Real-time Systems

Chu Chu

2019 B. Sc. Honours

Man Lin
Joe Apaloo

The Influence of Various Factors to Q-Learning on Power Consumption in Linux

Shuaijie Liu

2019 B. Sc. Honours Man Lin

Supervised machine learning with flexible decision boundaries and ensemble classifiers

Katie MacEachern 

2019 B. Sc. Honours Jacob Levman

Crossed Modules

Maxwell Jennings 

2019 B. Sc. JT Honours (Math/CSCI) Derrick Lee
Mathematical modelling of collective motion: studying the structure of interaction through parameter exploration and anisotropy Mark Thompson 2018 B. Sc. Honours Ryan Lukeman
A Survey of DVFS Algorithms and Implementation Methods for Android Bryan Ewensen 2017 B. Sc. Honours Man Lin
Probabilistic Model Checking for Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling with Learning-based Algorithm Yuhan Fu 2017 B. Sc. Honours Wendy MacCaull
Man Lin
An Improved CFSFDP Data Clustering Algorithm Zihao Jiang  2017 B. Sc. Honours Laurence Yang
Evaluating Risk in Kleptoparasitic Interactions via Trajectory Analysis Matthew Eliot 2017 B. Sc. Honours Ryan Lukeman
An Ensemble of Classifiers with Various Combiners for Text Emotion Analysis Aaron Massicotte 2017 B. Sc. Joint Honours Iker Gondra
Segmentation of Uveal Melanoma in Magnetic Resonance Images Using Superpixels Noah Ritcey 2017 B. Sc. Honours Iker Gondra
Time Series Analysis of Ghanaian Climate Data
Madison Lewis 2017 B. Sc. Honours Joe Apaloo
Measuring Wealth and Income Inequality in Ghana Mackenzie Pazos 2017 B.A. Honours Sub Joe Apaloo
Zeynep Ozkok
Differentiating between Sjogren’s Syndrome (SS) and Dry Eye (DE) Disease Using Data Mining Techniques Xiaoying Deng (Jennifer) 2016 B. Sc. Honours Sunny Xu Wang
Inferring The Mechanisms Of Collective Human Rhythmic Behaviour Michael Thomson 2015 B. Sc. Joint Honours Ryan Lukeman
Examining Public Companies’ Stock Option Prices Yin Duo Ma (Mandy) 2015 B. Sc. Honours Ping Wang
Applied GA-BP Neural network in Stock Market Tong Li 2015 B. Sc. Honours Ping Wang

Nowcast U.S. Gdp Using The Unemployment Rate With Mixed Data Sampling Technique (Midas)

 Zhong Xu Zhao 2014  B.Sc. Honours Sunny Wang
Greg Tkacz 

A Mathematical Model Of The Nova Scotia Lobster Industry

 Gabrielle Vasey 2014 B.Sc. Honours Ryan Lukeman
Patrick Withey

Modeling And Analyzing The Clinical Practice Guideline

 Miao (Harry) Huang 2014  B.Sc. Honours  Wendy MacCaull
A Business Failure Prediction For Canadian Charitable Organizations Through Data Mining Techniques    Zhouqin (Mary) He 2014  B.Sc. Honours  Sunny Wang
Binary Covering Codes On The 9 And 10 Dimensional Hypercube    William Macfarlane 2014  B.Sc. Honours  Martin van Bommel

The Maximum Number Of Coexisting Traits or Species In Evolutionary Dynamics

Josee van den Hoogen 2014 B.Sc. Honours Joe Apaloo
Collective Rhythmic Behavior In Crowds Kennedy Murphy 2014 B.A. Advanced Major Ryan Lukeman

Nowcasting Inflation Using Mixed Frequency Data

Casey Jones 2014 B.A. Honours

Sunny Wang
Greg Tkacz

Efficient SAT Solving Algorithm with Learning Algorithm and Heterogeneous Computing Heng Liu 2013 B.Sc. Honours Wendy MacCaull
Sunny Xu Wang
Exploration of Recursive Partitioning and its Applications of Identifying Non-invasive Tests for Sjogren's Syndrome Disease Long Long Feng 2013 B.Sc. Advanced Major Joe Apaloo
Sunny Xu Wang
Interpolation by Rational Functions Chenlu Shi 2013 B.Sc. Honours Ping Zhou
Analyzing Variations of Combinatorial Games: Cutthroat Stars and Cricket Pitch Austin J. MacDonald 2013 B.Sc. Honours Stephen Finbow
Richard Nowakowski
Vertex Coloring Problems with Restrictions Given by Faces Christopher M. van Bommel 2013 B.Sc. Honours Stephen Finbow
Math and Music: A Mathematical Survey of Change Ringing Iain A. C. Beaton 2013 B.Sc. Honours Stephen Finbow
Jason Brown
Differentiating Between Sjogren's Syndrome and Dry Eye Disease via Data Mining Techniques Jessy Donelle 2012 B.Sc. Advanced Major Sunny Xu Wang
Survey on a Parallel Block Wiedemann-Based GNFS Algorithms for Integer Factorizations Qiwen Pan 2012 B.Sc. Advanced Major Laurence Yang
McPAT Code Restructuring and Modeling the Cortex-A8 Colin J. MacDougall 2012 B.Sc. Honours Man Lin
Wireless Sensor Network - Routing Hailei Jiang 2012 B.Sc. Advanced Major Man Lin
A Genetic Algorithm to Evolve the Structure of an Artificial Neural Network Maxwell Graham 2011 B.Sc. Honours Iker Gondra
Supervised Object Segmentation Using Visual and Spatial Features Michael Cormier 2011 B. Sc. Honours Iker Gondra
Survey on Computer Architecture Power Model Simulators Yuchen Ye 2011 B.SC. Honours Man Lin
Investigating Strategies For Odor-Gated Rheotaxis Using a Coupled ODE/PDE Model Corbin Hudson 2011 B.Sc. AM with Business Ryan Lukeman            Russell Wyeth
An Economic Efficiency Study on different regions of Ghana via Data Envelopment Analysis and Regression Analysis Orla Murphy 2011 B. Sc. Honours Ping Wang                   Sunny Xu Wang
Statistical Learning in Drug Discovery via Clustering Alicia Sloman                   2010 B.Sc. Honours Sunny Xu Wang
Mathematical Modeling of Collective Motion: Effects of Fitness on Group Structure Andrew MacDonald 2010 B.Sc. Honours Ryan Lukeman
An Introduction to Projective Geometry: Conics Dan Enman 2010 B.Sc. Advanced Major Trevor Bruen
An image-based CAPTCHA that Exploits the difficulties in Computer Vision Éli Bunbury-Blanchette 2010 B.Sc. Honours Iker Gondra
Database and Web Application for a Motion Monitoring System Jimmy Mabey 2010 B.Sc. Honours Man Lin
The Firefighter Problem Xuan Tim Meng 2010 B.A. Honours Stephen Finbow
What is the Most Secure and Efficient way to Encipher Messages? Ben Kewei Yu 2009 B.Sc. Honours Stephen Finbow
Final Exam Scheduler Conan Fan Li 2009 B.Sc. Honours Ping Wang
Parallel Solutions for Natural Cubic Spines Ivy Yuan Cheng 2009 B.Sc. Advanced Major Jeff McNally
Multidatabase Querying and Semantic Optimization Jason Detchevery 2009 B.Sc. Honours Martin van Bommel
Smart Homes Kale Law 2009 B.Sc. Advanced Major Frank Comeau / Martin van Bommel
Evaluating and Extending Compensable Transaction Composition Kenzie MacNeil 2009 B.Sc. Honours Wendy MacCaull
Parallel Examination of Polynomial Root Finding Maple Fengye Guo 2009 B.Sc. Advanced Major Jeff McNally
Flood Frequency Analysis for the South River System (NS) in St.Andrews using Extreme Value Models Jack Chafe 2008 B.Sc. Advanced Major Patrick Chareka
Texas Hold'Em: A Mathematical Analysis Robbie Fraser 2008 B.Sc. Honours Ping Wang
An Analysis of the Exploration-Exploitation Tradeoff in Reinforcement Learning applied to Othello Jason Gratto 2008 B.Sc. Advanced Major Iker Gondra
List Colorings and Frequency Assignment Daniel McNeil 2008 B.Sc. Advanced Major Stephen Finbow
Measuring Inequality and Poverty Ainsley Miller 2008 B.Sc. Honours Joe Apaloo
The Dilemma of Twin Primes Brandon Nunn 2008 B.Sc. Advanced Major Tara Taylor
The Influences of Mathematics on the Study of Genetics Angela Vogels 2008 B.Sc. Joint Advanced Major Joe Apaloo
Dynamic Voltage Scaling for Fixed Priority with Preemption Threshold Scheduling Liu Yang 2008 B.Sc. Honours Man Lin/Laurence Yang
Logic and the Cantor Set Alicia Mills 2007 B.Sc. Honours Tara Taylor/ Wendy MacCaull
Game Theory applications and Strategies Blair Doiron 2007 B.Sc. Advanced Major Stephen Finbow
Fractals and Breast Cancer Caitlin Sinclair 2007 B.Sc. Advanced Major Tara Taylor
Dynamical Systems Theory: A Qualitative Analysis Cynthia Ryan 2007 B.Sc. Honours Robert van den Hoogen
The Fire-fighter Problem Doug Ross 2007 B.A. Honours Stephen Finbow
Time Series Analysis of Canadian Monthly Unemployment Rates Gillian Duffy 2007 B.Sc. Advanced Major Patrick Chareka
Generating Fractal Tiles Hilary Sedgwick 2007 B.Sc. Honours Tara Taylor
Overview of Denial-of-Service Ian Kennedy 2007 B.Sc. Honours Laurence Yang
Real Time Scheduling with Fault Tolerance Ji Gong 2007 B.Sc. Honours Man Lin
Why Knot? Maxx Hartt 2007 B.Sc. Honours Tara Taylor
Design and Implementation of an E-Business System using J2EE Architecture Meng Li 2007 B.Sc. Honours Man Lin
Analyzing and Comparing Approximations of the Golden Ratio Nicole Wadden 2007 B.Sc. Honours Tara Taylor
Hybrid Systems and Verification Nike Fluegge 2007 B.Sc. Honours Wendy MacCaull
Operational database vs Database warehouse design Sihui Peng 2007 B.Sc. Honours Martin van Bommel
Analyzing The Relative Importance of House Price Determinanats in Antigonish county: A neural Network Approach Xiaodan Fang 2007 B.Sc. Honours Iker Gondra
Data Access on Mobile Devices Zhengqi Zhou 2007 B.Sc. Honours Martin van Bommel
The Golden Ratio Ashley Buchanan 2006 B.Sc. Advanced Major Tara Taylor
Knot Theory Coralie Ryan 2006 B.Sc. Advanced Major Ping Wang
Technical Analysis of the Impact of Large Claims on Actuarial Decisions Dan Dine 2006 B.Sc. Honours Patrick Chareka
Paraconsistent Logics and Bilattices Holly MacCallum 2006 B.Sc. Honours Wendy MacCaull
Pade Approximants to a Logarithmic Function Kate Belliveau 2006 B.A. Honours Ping Zhou
A Tableau Model Checker for the Temporal Logic of Actions Keith Miller 2006 B.Sc. Honours Wendy MacCaull
Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Lizhe Ma 2006 B.Sc Honours Ping Wang
Streaming Internet Radio Using Peer-to-Peer Networks Mark Higgings 2006 B.A. Honours Martin van Bommel
Nova Scotia's change to and Outcomes based Mathematics Curriculum Meghan MacDougall 2006 B.Sc. Advanced Major Tara Taylor
Authentication and Security on the World Wide Web Michael Cook 2006 B.Sc. Advanced Major Martin van Bommel
The Binomial Pricing Model for Stock Prices Sara-Kate Huntirss 2006 B.Sc. Advanced Major Patrick Chareka
Game Theory, macLean's Magazine and the case of the competition for the best students Tim Lane 2006 B.Sc. Honours Ping Wang
Multidatabase Query Optimazation Angele Bilodeau 2005 BA Honours Martin van Bommel
The Game of Cops and Robber Bu, Jingyu 2005 B.Sc Honours Ping Wang
Image Compression Carter, Reigo 2005 B.Sc Honours Ernst Schuegraf
Parallelizing the Block Wiedemann Algorithm Ding, Chen 2005 B.Sc Honours Laurence Yang
A Blocked Look-ahead Lanczos Algorithm over GF(2) He, Wen 2005 B.Sc Honours Laurence Yang
Principle of Data Mining Imam, Md Toufiq 2005 B.Sc Honours Martin van Bommel
Factorizing Large Integers using Parallel Quadratic Sieve with Block Lanczos Algorithm Lin, Zhen 2005 B.Sc Honours Laurence Yang
Encoding Multiple Inheritance Hierarchies Malenfant, Matthew 2005 B.Sc Honours Martin van Bommel
Total Coloring of Cartesian, Direct and Strong Product Graphs Moeller, Andrew 2005 B.Sc Joint Honours Ping Wang
Implementation of a Multidatabase System Myles Bilodeau 2005 BA Honours Martin van Bommel
An Improved Montgomery Block Lanczos Method over GF(2) Pan, Jingke 2005 B.Sc Honours Laurence Yang
Massively Parallel Processing using Java Applets Roach, Tristan 2005 BA Honours Laurence Yang
Intorduction to Programming using Robotics Stephenson, Gareth 2005 B.Sc. Advanced Major Martin van Bommel
Efficient Schedule Generation Using a Parallel Tabu Heuristic over Highly Constrained Data Sets Wright, Mark 2005 B.Sc Honours Man Lin
Ranking Algorithms for Web Search: A Survey Xiao, Jing 2005 B.Sc Honours Ping Wang
Scalable Parallelization of General Number Field Sieve Xu, Li 2005 B.Sc Honours Laurence Yang
Peer to Peer Fiel Sharing Xu, Xiaohui 2005 B.Sc Honours Martin van Bommel
Cross Language Imformation Retrieval Yang, Mingyuan 2005 B,Sc Honours Ernst Schuegraf
Removable Media Young, Stanley 2005 B.Sc Advanced Major Ernst Schuegraf
Video Transcoding over Third Generation Mobile Networks Zhang, Xiaoqing 2005 B.Sc Advanced Major (awarded) Martin van Bommel
An Improved Parallel Look-ahead Lanczos Method Over a Finite Field Zuo, Qingqing 2005 B.Sc Honours Laurence Yang
Exploring Search Engine Ranking Algorithms Blenkhorn, Lindsay 2004    
Adaptive Trait Dynamics in Multi-trait Evolutionary Games Butler, Shannon 2004 B.Sc with Honours Joe Apaloo
Evolutionary Computations in Computer and Network Security Chowdhury, Shimul 2004 B.Sc Advanced Major Laurence Yang
Automated Checking for Stutter invariance of LTL Formulas Dallien, Jeffrey 2004 B.Sc with Honours Wendy MacCaull
Computer Games Hearn, William 2004 BA with Honours Martin van Bommel
Initiations for Math Problem Solving Horne, Adam 2004 B.Sc with Advanced Major Charles Gallant
Enhancing a Database Integration Interface Hossain, Md. Abir 2004 B.Sc Advanced Major Alexander MacEachern
Querying Distributed Databases using JDBC Laska, John 2004 BA with Honours Martin van Bommel
Data Warehousing Leona MacLeod 2004    
Wireless Networking Ranni, Jennifer 2004    
Smooth Approximation in Infinite Dimersional Banach Spaces Reynolds, Patrick 2004 BA with Honours Robb Fry
Data Mining Roy, Sree Pronab Kumar 2004 B.Sc Advanced Major Alexander MacEachern
New SQL Functions in Oracle 9i Tarafder, Muhammad 2004 B.Sc Advanced Major Alexander MacEachern
The Original Intent of Computers/Computing Walker, Bernard 2004 B.Sc with Honours Martin van Bommel
XML Generator Yunus, Maruf Bin 2004 B.Sc with Honours Alexander MacEachern
An Electronic File Sharing Implementation Angevine, Duffy 2003 BA with Honours Martin van Bommel
Some Technology Advancements in the PC Environment Dion, Paul 2003 B.Sc with Advanced Major Laurence Yang, Robb Fry
Teaching Mathematics with a Whoel Brain Grover, Anthony 2003 B.Sc with Advanced Major Charles Gallant
Middleware for Distributed Database Integration Hawes, Christopher D. 2003 BA with Honours Alexander MacEachern
Interior Design Graphics Lee, Sau Fan 2003 B.Sc with Advanced Major Amlexander MacEacher, Man Lin
Multivariate Pade Approximation and the Irreducibility if Explicit Constructions Lukeman, Ryan 2003 BA with Honours Ping Zhou
Scheduling real-time Tasks ina Multiprocessor Environment MacDonald, Leo 2003    
A Meta-data Table for Datebase Integration Naghibi, Farzeneh 2003 B.Sc with Honours Alexander MacEachern
Investigating Rating Knowledge Versus Performance: Exponents and Lograthims DeCoste, Cara 2002 B.Sc with Honours Joe Apaloo
Phams Decoste, D.J. 2002   Charles Gallent
The Effect of the Web on Journal Use by University Faculty Di Persio, Jennifer 2002 B.Sc with Honours Ernst Schuegraf
digital Signatures and Public Key Infrastructure Digout, Christian 2002   Ping Wang
Introductory Game Theory and Applications Falvin, Jason 2002   Ping Wang
The Turning Test and Artificial Intelligence Hamlyn, Stephen 2002 BA with Advanced Major Ernst Schuegraf
Harvesy Scheduling Using Genetic Algorithms Lee, Greg 2002 B.Sc with Honours Ping Wang
Unsolvability of Radicals of the General Quintic MacHattie, Elissa 2002 B.Sc with Honours Robb Fry
A Statistical Investigation of the Academic Motivations of ST.F.X. Students MacKenzie, Adrian 2002 B.Sc with Honours Lehana Thabane
Computer Viruses: The Modern Age Infection Malenfant, Rene 2002 B.Sc with Honours Laurence Yang
Construction of Grobner Bases over Polynomial Rings Rockett, Thomas 2002 B.Sc with Advanced Major Rich Little
Semantic Query Optimization for Object Databases Ryan, Todd 2002 B.Sc with Honours Martin van Bommel
Survey of Video Shot by Boundary Detection Algorithms Thomas, Calvin 2002   Ernst Schuegraf
Teaching Techniques For Gifted Students Both With and Without the Learning Disability ADHD Bradley, Robert 2001 B.Sc. Advanced Major Quinn, John P.
DCOM--Distributed Component Object Modeling Brander, Ryan 2001 B.Sc. Advanced Major van Bommel, Martin
The Factors that Enhance the Appeal of a University Day, Amanda 2001 B.Sc with Advanced Major Thabane, Lehana
A Simple Proof of the Hairy Ball Theorem Epifano, Nicholas 2001 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Fry, Robb
Software Architecture for Real-Time Systems Feener, Edwin 2001 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Lin, Man
High Spped Internet Technologies Foley, Terry 2001 B.Sc. With Advanced Major van Bommel, Martin
Parallel Computing Hoskins, Rhonda 2001 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Yang, Laurence
Embedded Web Technology for Real-time Systems Control Levesconte, Imelda 2001 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Lin, Man
Secure Electronic Commerce Morgan, Jill 2001 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Yang, Laurence
The Occurrence of Examination Cheating at StFX University Naczk, Kataryzna 2001 B.Sc. With Honours Thabane, Lehana
Cryptoloty -- The Art and Science of Secret Communications over Insecure Channels Samson, Jason 2001 B.Sc. With Honours van Bommel, Martin
Interactive Web Based Implementtion of Scheduling Techniques using Java & JavaScript. Snow, James 2001 B.Sc. With Advanced Major van Bommel, Martin
Extranet Security Ting, Sai Yu 2001 B.Sc. With Honours Man, Lin
Fractal Dimension Canuel, Sean 2000 B. Sc. With Advanced Major Dr. Robb Fry
Genetic Algorithms Curry, Robert Michael 2000 B. Sc. With Honours Joseph Apaloo
Factors Influencing the Selectin of a University for Ontario University Applicants Cyr, Kevin 2000 B. Sc. With Honours Dr. Lehana Thabane
A Proposal of University Course Curriculum For Secondary School Math Teachers Daniels, Susan 2000 BA With Advanced Major Alexander MacEachern
Modeling Mass Extinction of Species Druhan, Kevin 2000 B. Sc. Honours Joe Apaloo
Database Access Via the Internet Lane, James 2000 B. Sc. With Advanced Major Alexander MacEachern
Fixed Polarity Reed-Muller Expansions for Symmetric Functions MacIsaac, Mark 2000 B. Sc. With Honours Gerhard Dueck
An Historical Development of the Theory of Fourier Series McManus, Scott 2000 B. Sc. With Honours Robb Fry
Cooperative Learning in Mathematics Education Richards, Adrian 2000 B. Sc. With Advanced Major Charles Gallant
Fractal Compression of Digital Images Sifton, Heather 2000 B. Sc. With Honours Martin van Bommel
Wide Area Networks Tompkins, Andrew 2000 B. Sc. With Advanced Major Martin van Bommel
Specification and Verification of Real-Time Systems Wang, Xin Mei 2000 BA With Advanced Major Man Lin
Incremental Encoding of Multiple Inheritance Hierarchies Supporting Lattice Operations Beck, Tim 1999 B.Sc. With Honours van Bommel, Martin
Prominent Mathematicians and Open Problems Boucher, Julianne Breau 1999 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Childs, Aaron
Corba Chadwick, Jon 1999 B.Sc. With Honours MacEachern, Alexander
Mathematical Models for Disease Transmission: An Analysis of the SIR Model Dower, Andrea 1999 B.Sc with Advanced Major Benoit, Patricia
Advances in Physics: Classical Dynamics to Special Relativity Doyle, David 1999 B.Sc. With Honours  
Learning Disabilities in Mathematics an dEffective Teaching Methods Faber, Jacqueline B. L. 1999 BA with Advanced Major MacCaull, Wendy
A Super Switch aqlgebra and Minimization algorithm fo rQuantum Device Based Systems Fraser, Blair Alexander 1999 B.Sc. With Honours Dueck, Gerhard
Geometry and Visualization in Teaching Mathematics Kalayil, Sharleen Treasa 1999 B.Sc. With Honours Gallant, Charles D.
Using Simulated Annealing to Construck Extremal Graphs MacMillan, Shane 1999 B.Sc. With Honours Wang, Ping
Dynamical Systems Meagher, Colleen Melvina 1999 B.Sc. With Honours van den Hoogen, Robert
Implementation and Use of Databases on the Internet and Intranets O,Reilly Sean Michael 1999 B.Sc. With Advanced Major MacEachern, Alexander
Implementation and Use of Databases on the Internet and Intranets O'Reilly, Sean Michael 1999 B.Sc. With Advanced Major MacEachern, Alexander
ADSL Methodologies Pham, Nam Hai 1999 B.Sc. With Advanced Major van Bommel, Martin
Graph Drawing & Multiple Ingeritance Hierarchy Representations Schuegraf, Paul 1999 BA with Honours van Bommel, Martin
Tournament Rankings van den Heuvel, Brian 1999 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Wang, Ping
Applications of Bendford Law Bland, Rachel Kenwyn M. 1998 B.Sc. With Honours Wang, Ping
Classrooom Assignment Problem Delorey, Raylene B. 1998 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Wang, Ping
Middleware for Distributed Databases Dipersio, Denise Nicole 1998 B.Sc. With Honours MacEachern, Alexander
Analysis Using Spline Functions Lukeman, Gregory G. 1998 B.Sc. With Honours Quinn, J. P.
  MacDonell, Joseph Francis 1998 B.Sc. With Advanced Major  
Overview of the Optimization of Scheduling Problems MacKinnon, Matthew 1998 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Wang, Ping
Computer Aids for the Visually Impaired Meagher, Lisa Marie 1998 B.Sc. With Advanced Major MacEachern, Alexander
Fire Control on Graphs Moeller, Stephanie Anne 1998 B.Sc. With Honours Wang, Ping
The Success & Struggles of Women in Mathematics Boutilier, Alison 1997 B.Sc. With Advanced Major MacCaull, Wendy
The Internet & Its Effects on the Business World Farrell, Julie M. 1997 B.Sc. With Advanced Major  
The Mathematical Modelling of Sports Goora, Claud C. 1997 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Quinn, J. P.
Meaningful & Effective Teaching Methods in Math Gouthro, Angela N. 1997 B.Sc. With Advanced Major MacCaull, Wendy
Finding a Hypertext/Hypermedia Standard Landry, Vance 1997 B.Sc. With Advanced Major  
Java and Remote Database Connectivity McNeil, Michael 1997 B.Sc. With Honours MacEachern, Alexander
Marketing on the Internet Flynn, J. W. (Joe) 1996    
Simulated Annealing Kelly, Don 1996 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Wang, Ping
Middleware: The Essentials LeForte, Tanya 1996 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Wang, Ping
The Internet and How Small Businesses Can Use it to Their Advantage MacEachen, Leanne 1996 B.Sc. WithAdvanced Major  
Estimating Reachable Sets MacKinnon, Donna Rebecca 1996 B.Sc. With Honours Quinn, J. P.
Black-Scholes Option Pricing Method MacNeil, Craig Boyd 1996 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Aalto, Sergei
An SQL Query Builder Mattie, David 1996    
Linear Programming and An Application Called DEA Meagher, Roisin L. 1996    
Discovery Learning in Secondary School Mathematics O'Quinn, Dale G. 1996 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Gallant, Charles D.
Data Manipulation and Statistical Analysis Penny, Daniel 1996    
Methods of Approximating Volumes of Inclusion Samson, Lise Ann 1996 B.Sc. With Honours MacCaull, Wendy
The Successes & Failures of Calculus Reform: A St. F. X. U. Perspective Smith, Kyle 1996 B.Sc. With Advanced Major van den Hoogen, Robert
Exam Schedule Optimization Methods Smith, Philip 1996 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Wang, Ping
3D Computer Vision: Computing Surface Curvatures From Range Data Adamsson, Tanya 1995    
Liapunov Functions--A Method for Determining Regions of Asymptotic Stability Allan, Shawn Stanley 1995    
Automatic Indexing Using a Thesaurus Benoit, Darcy G. 1995    
The Impact of Free Agency on Major League Baseball Boyd, Chris 1995 B.Sc. With Honours Aalto, Sergei
Genetic Algorithms--The Evolution of Optimization Furlong, Patrick Blaine 1995    
The Optimum Design of Cache Memory Lee, Kwok Hung 1995 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Dueck, Gerhard
Optimal Running Strategy Morris, Tracey 1995    
An Efficient Algorithm to General Finite Residuated Algebras Ng, Chi Yuen 1995    
Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Arrays and Their In-Circuit Programmability Dickie, Bruce A. 1994 B.Sc. With Advanced Major  
Parallel Computation: Architectures and Algorithm Development Germon, Roy W. 1994 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Dueck, Gerhard
Virtual Reality Munsie, Jane 1994 B.Sc. With Advanced Major  
Steiner Trees and Connected Networks O'Brien, Colin Francis 1994 B.Sc. With Honours Quinn, J. P. & Wang, Ping
Optimal Orderings of Binary Decision Diagrams via Simulated Annealing Shea, Brian Francis 1994 B.Sc. With Advanced Major Dueck, Gerhard
Non Parametric Statistical Methods Based on Ranks Holden, Jacqueline Ann 1993    
Right Hemispheric Thinking in Learning and Teaching Mathematics Lunney, Lisa 1993    
The Growth of Gambling MacAskill, Peter 1993    
Tournaments MacDonald, Heather 1993    
Game Theory MacDonald, Terry 1993    
Machine Induction: Origins and Application Beck, J. Christopher 1992    
Ramsey Theory Keliher, Liam 1992    
Chaos in Dynamical Systems: A Mathematical Puzzle MacDougall, Blair M. 1992    
Expert Systems MacLean, Claudia 1992    
Topics in Graph Theory Petrie, Jesselyn 1992    
Linear Programming, GAMS, and Sequential Timber Harvest Problem Buckley, Tom 1991 BA Quinn, J. P.
non-linear Matriz Models of Population Growth Cameron, D. Jeannie 1991 B.Sc. With Honours  
A Brief Survey of Mathematical Demography Davidson, Annette 1991    
A Survey of Multivariate Statistics Dunlavy, Sandra E. 1991    
Online Public Access Catalogues: Some Problems in Design Holt, Cynthia A. 1991    
An Overview of the Four-Colour Problem Keizer, Peter C. 1991    
Derivatives in General Spaces Taylor, Krista Joy 1991    
Copyrights and Piracy in the Computer Software Industry van den Hoogen, Helen 1991    
Computer Viruses--A Technological Epidemic Connock, Andrew 1990    
Implementing The Standards Everitt, Lisa 1990    
Frames: What are They? Hatt, Gregory W. 1990    
Object Oriented Programming MacKenzie, John Joseph 1990    
Implementation of Karnaugh Map Procedure To Minimize Logical Functions Mak, Andrew W. H. 1990    
Local Area Networks Morrissey, Kevin Charles 1990    
Computer Aided Medical Diagnosis Thalmann, Christine 1990    
Main and Secondary Memory Management Wai, Wong Wang 1990    
Differential Equations Capstick, Stephen 1989    
Choosing a Micro DBMS Chan, Hor Chuen 1989    
Micro To Mainframe Link Chiu, Andy 1989    
The Application of Mathematics in the Forest Industry Feltmate, Heather 1989    
Static and Dynamic Optimization with Renewable Resource Applications McDonald, James Ted 1989    
Solvable Teasers Morris, Kathleen 1989    
An Overview of Hashing Dawson, Patrick 1988    
Pick's Theorem LaMorre, Shannan 1988    
Desktop Publishing MacNeil, Kevin M. J. 1988    
Relational Database Normalization--Theory and Implementation Roberts, Alexandria Ann 1988    
An Overview of Software Engineering Techniques Sevigny, Margot L. 1988    
Local Area Network Security Thomson, Michael J. 1988    
Survivable WAN Optimization Using Simulated Annealing Travis, Michael G. 1988    
Automatic Indexing in Document Retrieval--Theory and Experiments van Bommel, Martin Francis 1988    
Relational Database Theory Baldwin, Marie 1987    
The Emergence of Probability Campbell, Janet 1987    
Functions and Transformations Kehoe, Phyllis Anne 1987    
Q+A: A Flat-File Liem, Dave 1987    
Microcomputers for Agriculture Oxner, Mary 1987    
Computer Graphics: Technology's Latest Coming of Age Andrews, Nancy 1986    
The Development of Two Senior H. School Mathematics Curricula in Nova Scotia Gillis, Jane 1986    
Programming Languages--Then, Now, and the Future Hall, Darryl G. 1986    
Quadtrees in Computer Graphics MacDonald, David 1986    
The Golden Ration and the Fibonacci Numbers MacDougall, Ross 1986    
Study of Logic with Emphasis on Secondary Mathematics MacNeil, Kevin, J. 1986    
Fourth Generation Languages Wadden, Philomena 1986    
Models in Population Biology Alexander, Caroline 1985    
Management Science: A Research on Various Techniques Behrouzi, Bahram 1985 B.Sc. With Major  
Management Science: A Research on Various Techniques Behrouzi, Bahram 1985    
Integrated Software in Microcomputers Black, J. Gregory 1985    
ISPELL--An Interactive Spelling Routine for UNIX Cooke, Paul 1985    
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