Celtic Studies Scholarship & Bursaries

"Gheibh cobhartach spionnadh-iasaid" 

The StFX Celtic Studies department maintains and awards several scholarships and bursaries aiming to reward student excellence and to support the study of Celtic languages in Canada and abroad. The awards listed below are in addition to the entry, general and limited bursaries given out by StFX to incoming and continuing students, some of them aimed at Celtic Studies students in particular. For information about all the bursaries, see here  and see below, under 'Annual bursaries', for bursaries aimed at Celtic Studies students. 

In-Course Awards 

The following awards are generally awarded on an annual basis to students who excel in Celtic Studies courses. Preference is given primarily, but not exclusively, to students in Celtic language courses.

  • Honourable Allan J. MacEachen Fellowship for Celtic Studies, $500 
  • The Rev Donald M. Rankin Scholarship for Celtic Studies, $400 
  • The Reverend John Archie Chisholm Memorial Award, $500 
  • Angus Dan Gillis Award in Celtic Studies, $500 
  • Flora MacDonald Award in Celtic Studies [for non-graduating students], $500 
  • Professor A. A. MacKenzie Prize in CELT 332, $200 
Awards for Graduating Students 
  • Fr. Malcolm MacDonell Award in Celtic Studies, $500 
  • Angus L. Macdonald Memorial Scholarship for Celtic Studies, $500 
Summer Study Bursaries 

The Nova Scotia Celtic Travel Bursary 

This bursary, which was established by Fr. Vern Boutilier, is open to all Nova Scotians between the ages of 18 and 29. The bursary is intended to help with travel expenses to one of the six Celtic countries. 

Applicants must provide evidence of serious interest or leadership in Celtic culture as demonstrated by courses at the university or high school level or under home or community learning in language, music, dance, genealogy, or Celtic Studies. Given Nova Scotia's connection to the language, preference will be given to learners of Scottish Gaelic. Applications are also welcome from those who are proficient in one or more expressions of culture in song, dance (such as step, Highland, Scottish country), fiddle, pipes, piano, etc. Students, or other individuals, interested in the folklore, genealogy, history, literature, art, language and culture of any Celtic country are also welcome to apply. 

Please note that, as stated above, this bursary is open to all Nova Scotians who meet the criteria. Generally, three to seven awards are made annually. Please send application materials by mail or e-mail to the Celtic Studies Department at StFX (see address below). Please click on the following links for the application and further information regarding criteria. A link to a brochure with information regarding donating to the fund is also included: 

Dr. Michael Linkletter 
Dept of Celtic Studies 
RE: Celtic Travel Bursary 
St. Francis Xavier University 
P.O. Box 5000 
Antigonish, Nova Scotia 
B2G 2W5 Canada 
E-mail: @email 

The Rev. John MacGillivray Gaelic Scholarship for Summer Study in Scotland 

This is awarded each summer to a StFX Gaelic student to study the language at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Established in 1995. 

Award Value: $2000 

Applications due March 31st. Contact Chair of Celtic Studies. 

Annual Bursaries 

Duncan Hugh and Millie MacLellan Bursary 

This bursary was established by Hugh and Pat Maccagno in honour of Pat’s parents. Duncan Hugh and Millie MacLellan lived exemplary lives. Besides raising eight children, they organized and participated in sports, community, and church activities. They helped many in need, including preparing and serving suppers for society’s lost people. They had a love of Celtic music, especially as played at Cape Breton “Ceilidhs” by local musicians. This tradition and culture flowed from Duncan’s parents, Angus Y. and Maggie MacLellan. Angus Y., during his spare time as Margaree Island lighthouse keeper, wrote wonderful poetry and songs in his ancestral Gaelic. Some of his songs have been recorded by celebrated Nova Scotia musicians.  

These awards are available to two full-time students per year who have earned a minimum average of 75%. The students must demonstrate financial need. One bursary will be awarded to a third-year student majoring in Celtic Studies with the second award going to a first year Science student. These awards will be renewable if the applicants continue to meet the criteria. Preference will be given first to students from Nova Scotia, then Atlantic Canada.  

Award Value: up to $2500

For more information, click here 

J.L. Campbell Bursary

This award is available to students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or master’s program at StFX, with preference for students majoring or minoring in Celtic Studies. Applicants must have an entrance average of 75% from high school and demonstrate financial need in their application. This bursary is renewable if the student reapplies and continues to meet the criteria in subsequent years of study, including maintaining an average of at least 70% in each year of study. 

Award Value: up to $500 at the undergraduate level, up to $1000 at the master’s level 

For more information, click here

Neil and Marianne Joy MacLean Memorial Gaelic Teacher Bursary

This award was established to support students enrolled in StFX's BEd program who will be receiving accreditation as Gaelic language teachers. This bursary information is distributed to all Education students as part of the scholarship/bursary listings for Education.

Value: $1000

Criteria: financial need, working towards accreditation as a Gaelic language teacher, involved in student activities related to Gaelic language and culture, an academically good student.