Celtic Resources

"Cho glic ri sagart agus eallach leabhraichean air" 

Celtic Library Resources

Celtic Collection Overview

Students and visiting scholars at StFX can access a remarkable collection of Celtic Studies materials, especially as relating to Scottish Gaelic. It is the largest of its kind in Canada, and one of the most significant in North America. 

Highlights of the Collection 

  • ~ 10,000 items 
  • Monographs, Serials, Pamphlets, ephemera, manuscripts, recorded material, newspaper clippings 
  • ~ 30 Current Periodical Subscriptions 
  • Local history materials, including letters, manuscripts, genealogy, artifacts, oral history 
  • Scottish Gaelic language resources 
  • Celtic Literature, poetry, prose anthologies, folklore, music, instructional and lexicographical material 
  • 18th Century Historical and Statistical works pertaining to the Jacobite period in Scottish History 
  • Books published in Scottish Gaelic prior to 1900 

Rare Items

  • Ais-eiridh na Sean Chanoin Albannaich, Alasdair mac Mhaighstir Alasdair, 1751, 1st ed. 
  • MacTalla, 1892-1904, Johnathan MacKinnon 
  • Companach an Òganaich, Alexander MacGillivra, 1836 
  • William O'Donnell's translation of the Bible into Irish, with a Scottish Gaelic Glossary, 1690 

See official webpage for the Celtic Collections


The Celtic Collection at StFX holds a number of important Celtic manuscripts (originals and reproductions), including the "Ridge" MSS the Angus Stephen Beaton MSS, and the Hector MacLean MSS. 


There are a number of audio and video recordings that have been made in Nova Scotia, or by scholars based at StFX, which are housed at StFX. These include recordings made of Duncan Angus MacRae in Glengarry in 1914, by John Lorne Campbell in Nova Scotia in 1937, and the Cape Breton Gaelic Folklore Collection by John Shaw from 1977 to 1982.

Many of the most important items are available online from our web service Sruth nan Gàidheal / Gael-Stream