The Role of the President

Working with the StFX Board of Governors, Senate, faculty, staff, students and a renowned alumni network, the President & Vice Chancellor sets the strategic vision and creates a long-term strategic plan for StFX that continues to build its reputation as a national leader in the primarily undergraduate university sector and leverages its many assets. 

The President promotes StFX’s academic mission and develops its administrative supports following the university’s strategic direction, with an unwavering commitment to academic excellence and financial sustainability. The role is also instrumental in fostering a culture of community, openness, and accountability that ensures the realization of StFX’s mission, objectives, and goals.   

The President advances and promotes StFX through active engagement and positive relationships with students, parents, alumni, donors, the Antigonish community, and friends of the university. 

The Office of the President believes in being transparent and accountable to the StFX Community. Below are details related to the President's employment at StFX.

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