The Teaching and Learning Centre offers a variety of services to enhance your teaching and learning skills.

Please contact Matea Drljepan to inquire about services. 


Group Moodle Training - Learn to use Moodle with your department members.

1-on-1 Moodle Training - Moodle training tailored to your specific needs from beginning to expert, quiz to gradebook. 

Gradebook setup - Learn how to set-up your Moodle gradebook in three different ways. 

Quizzing - Learn how to set up Moodle quizzing including best practices.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Training - Learn how to leverage the power of Teams for classes, research groups, and administrative work and reduce emails, document versioning issues, and increase organization. 


Accessibility Bootcamp - Learn to make your course more accessible and the products available to you through StFX. 

Syllabus Revamp - Learn to make your syllabus more accessible, and learner-centred. 



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