Xaverian Community Foundations

Our vision is a community of respect, free of sexualized violence. We all share the responsibility to create a safe and respectful campus community. With this in mind, Student Services has launched new resources to help you show your commitment to being Xaverian.  

Four modules – Academic Integrity @X, Safer Socializing @X, Consent Education is Visible @X and You Belong @X, have been developed and updated over the last year in order to help all members of our institution become ambassadors of the Xavierian Way. 


The four modules will take you about three hours total to complete. The goal of this training is to introduce the concepts of what it is to be part of a respectful community, with a strong focus on academics, understanding sexualized violence and racism, and the practical knowledge and skills needed to build a culture of consent and anti-racism here at StFX. 

To access the training simply look for X Starts Here/ Xaverian Community Foundations  and  X Continues Here on your Moodle page. The modules will be in gold. 

Some of the topics covered in the training can be difficult or triggering. Remember to take your time and do what you need to do to take care of yourself.  There are various services and supports available to you if you need them. 

StFX is committed to supporting anyone impacted by sexualized violence or racism. The modules will also outline how instances of sexualized violence and racism are addressed and the resources available to support you. 

Student Supports

For more information about this training, or to learn more about supports available to students, please contact @email

To learn more about supports available to students impacted by sexualized violence, please contact the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Advocate, Heather Blackburn at: @email or visit Visible@X.

To learn more about supports available to students through the Diversity Engagement Centre please contact: 

Thanks for doing your part to keep our community safe and respectful!  


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