Welcome to X-Patrol!

Who We Are

The StFX Safety & Security Services department assumes full administrative and operational responsibility for the Security team to provide campus wide patrols, residence service support, event security and supervision, and to support other security functions. StFX Safety & Security Services works in partnership with Conference Services, Residence Life, The U Student Union, Alumni Affairs, Facilities Management and other university departments.

The StFX X-PATROL team is composed of 70+ highly motivated student leaders capable of working in high-performance environments. X-PATROL was established to provide a safe and secure environment while promoting the Community Code and protecting the campus' liquor license. X-PATROL work with students and administrators to ensure that all students, staff, and visitors are able to enjoy a safe and positive experience while on the university's campus. 

What We Do

Members of X-PATROL work alongside the Safety and Security Officers to ensure the safety and security of students, staff and university guests.  They perform a variety of duties and are entrusted with confidential material and have the ability to perform effectively in social situations.

Some of the specific duties the X-PATROL members perform are:

Campus Patrols

  • Ensure all those on the St. FX campus abide by the Community Code.
  • Remain with their patrol partner at all times.
  • Document any Community Code violations.
  • Provide first-aid to those in need.
  • Provide "walk-homes" to students who live on-campus when requested or otherwise deemed necessary.
  • Liaison with and assist RCMP, EHS, and/or Fire Department personnel whenever necessary.
  • Cheerily greet passing students, faculty, staff, and guests when appropriate.
  • Provide additional support for events when necessary.

Event Supervision

  • Keep alcohol within licensed areas at all times.
  • Ensure no alcohol is brought on-site from an outside source.
  • Ensure all patrons are 19 or older for events with alcohol present.
  • Remove intoxicated or otherwise uncooperative, violent, or disruptive individuals from events.
  • Protect university property.
  • Ensure all patrons abide by the Community Code.
  • Document any Community Code or Alcohol Policy violations.
  • Enforce event-specific boundaries and rules.

X-PATROL Member Requirements

X-PATROL members must have the ability to

  • Read, write, and speak in English.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Think critically and make important decisions on the spot.
  • Walk and/or stand for extended periods of time.
  • Read files, documents, computer screens, and to identify personnel on the spot or in photos.
  • Be in close contact with large groups of people.

Apply today for a truly exemplary eXPerience! 

Email your resume to xpatrol@stfx.ca or drop it off at the Security building.

Students who are interested in applying for a position with the X-PATROL Team must submit a cover letter and resume. Once completed, applicants must deliver these documents to the Security Operations Centre in the Safety & Security Building (click here to download campus map), or email it to @email. Once the documents are received, the X-PATROL Leadership Team will review them and follow up with the applicant to let them know if they have been accepted to the next step. 

From here, accepted applicants will be offered a selection of interview slots and will be interviewed by at least one of the X-PATROL Senior Leads and X-PATROL Leads to make up a panel of three interviewers. After the interview, applicants will receive an e-mail letting them know if they have been accepted into the X-PATROL training opportunity. Thank you for your interest in X-PATROL and we wish you the best of luck with your application process!

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