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Tips to Ensure Success at X

Obtain a copy of the Academic Calendar for the year you started your degree. The academic calendar is essential to understanding how to successfully complete your studies. It contains all rules and regulations for degrees and programs at StFX. It also includes a calendar of events, which is useful for learning about important academic dates, including holidays, course drop dates, when to apply for graduation, and exam session dates (Copies of the StFX Academic Calendar can be found here).

Review the sections of the Calendar that pertain to your degree and program.

Science students should read Chapter 7 of the Academic Calendar as well as the Chapter 9 sections related to their particular majors.

Graduate students should read Chapter 8 of the Academic Calendar as well as the Chapter 9 sections related to their particular programs.

If you have questions about a particular program, the Departmental Chairs and Program Coordinators are excellent resources. They can tell you about program requirements, features of the program, opportunities for further studies or careers that to which the programs lead, and other valuable information about choosing and completing a program.

Academic advising is helpful instances where you need assistance in planning your degree. See an Academic Advisor. If you have worked your way through our resources and find you are still having difficulties, make an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor. They have an online booking system available here

Letter of Permission, Withdrawals, and other student services: These services are available on myData (accessible through, Banner Self Service and the Registrar’s Office Services Portal.

To make an appointment to meet with the Dean of Science, please email the Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Sheila MacMillan, to arrange a time.

To make an appointment for academic advising, please email @email and one of our Advising staff will be happy to help.

If you would like to take courses at another university for transfer back to your StFX degree, please fill in the Letter of Permission found in myData (accessible through

Important Update: Students are no longer required to provide doctor's notes to the Dean's office to report class absences. It is the student's responsibility to notify their professor or instructor in the event of a class absence. Doctor's notes are, however, required if a student misses a Christmas exam or a final exam.

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