Academic Ideas Submissions

In September 2015, as part of the Academic Ideas Initiative, a call for academic ideas was sent out via email by the Deans and Academic Vice-President and Provost to faculty, staff, and students asking to identify areas of improvement or desired change for the university. The letter asked “What would you do if you could?” and to elaborate on how ideas might further certain university priorities, namely: strengthening and/or enhancing existing programs, creating new academic initiatives, attracting new/high-achieving students to StFX, improving retention, and increasing academic engagement of current students. Suggestions could be pertaining to academic offerings as well as co-curricular, extra- curricular or structural changes.

We received a total of 69 ideas over the course of four months. These submissions originated from various faculties, departments, and other members of the StFX community. Submissions were made by individuals or small groups with common interests. There are some common thematic threads running through a number of the proposals. We have grouped the proposals both by broad disciplinary boundary (outlined in the table of contents), and by the type of change brought forward (academic, structural, or otherwise).

This report below provides a listing of the proposals received in response to the call for ideas as well as a brief summary of each idea.

Academic Ideas Submissions Summary

*Original proposals are available in the offices of the Deans of Arts and Science for details and clarification.


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