Procurement Policy

Purchasing by St. Francis Xavier University is handled centrally and, for the most part, exclusively by the Procurement Services Department in accordance with established policy and procedures. Please click here for the full policy document.

The University accepts the responsibility of paying for goods or services which are ordered or arranged for through the Procurement Services Department. Such commitments are accepted for payment only if they have been accompanied by the appropriate purchase order form which is described as follows:

1. PCard Program: The University uses the “US Bank of Canada” Purchasing Card program. The primary objective of the Purchasing Card System is to provide a convenient, cost-effective and efficient method of procuring and paying for lower dollar value goods and services by simplifying the Purchasing process, improving order cycle time, reducing paperwork, expediting vendor payments and empowering faculty, researchers and staff.

3. The Official Purchase Order Form: This form is used for all other transactions and is issued by Procurement Services to suppliers for goods and services.

Departments Exempted from the General Policy and Procedure

For convenience and because of the special nature of their function at the University, the following departments are exempted from the general rule and are authorized to order directly from suppliers of goods and services:

  • The Advancement Department (items for retail sale only)
  • The University Bookstore (items for retail sale only)
  • The Angus L. MacDonald Library and Marie Michael Library (For purchase of books and related materials only)



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