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Artificial Intelligence in Education.

What can I do to encourage students to not use Generative AI in my courses?

  • Some instructors are feeling very concerned about students using Generative AI to, for example, write essays or other written assessments for them. There are some things we can do to design writing assessments that are more resistant to AI.

  • Evaluate students on process, not only on the final product. For example, you might collect essay outlines or research proposals for evaluation and place less weight on the final essay. Meeting with students to discuss their writing process is also helpful.

  • Include components of self-reflection, including reflection on prior learning or the student’s own life or work contexts, in assessments. 

  • Consider why you are assigning essays and whether the essay as an evaluative form reflects the learning objectives in your class. Could you explore project-based learning or the “unessay” instead?

  • It’s also important to keep open lines of communication with students about these tools. Consider exploring the limitations of Generative AI with your students by, for example, asking it to create a bibliography for an assignment and then checking whether the sources it provides are reliable (or even real!).

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