Reserve Guidelines for Faculty

Items that you wish to make available to your students for a limited loan (usually three hours) can be temporarily added to the Reserve Collection.

Online Reserve Request Form

Reserve Guidelines for Faculty

  • Please limit the number of items for each course to a maximum of 50.
  • A maximum of four copies per individual item will be accepted unless a demand is demonstrated.
  • Reserve items should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the beginning of classes to ensure that material is available for the beginning of term.
  • Library staff will retrieve material listed on the online Reserve Processing Form, except for personal copies, which should be dropped off to the main service desk as soon as possible after submitting the Course Reserves form.
  • The following information is required for Course Reserves:
    • Monographs: Author, Title, & Call number
    • Journal Articles: Author, Title of Article & Journal Source (i.e., Journal Title, Volume, Issue, Pagination & Date)
  • Items to be placed on Course Reserves from other institutions may take up to six weeks to be delivered. Please contact @email as soon as possible if your item is not available from our collection.
    • Items borrowed from other libraries should only be for a short duration.
    • If the requested material is not in our collection but would be a valuable addition, and is required for more than 1 month, please request that the item be purchased.
    • If the nature of the requested material would hold no future value to the course, program or university and thus not justify a purchase (e.g., material will be obsolete, one-time need only, etc.), exceptions may be requested and are at the sole discretion of the lending library.
  • Photocopied material must abide by the Copyright Act and the StFX Fair Dealing Guidelines. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to obtain written permission from the author/publisher before material which exceeds the fair dealing guidelines can be placed on Reserve.
  • Paper copies of electronic journal articles, to which we have access, will not be placed on reserve.
    Articles submitted to Course Reserves will be checked for electronic availability. The URL and database name will be emailed to faculty to forward to their students.
  • Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  • Requests that do not follow these guidelines may be returned.
  • All reserve material will be returned at the end of each academic session.


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