Scanning Agreement Form


  • Archives staff will conduct all scanning. Researchers are not permitted to bring scanners or printers into the reading room.
  • Only archival records that are not damaged or fragile can be scanned.
  • Scanning is only permitted if it does not violate copyright restrictions nor those imposed by donors. The requestor has the sole responsibility for determining copyright holder as well as obtaining permission to copy and/or publish.
  • Archival records may be scanned only once and at low or medium resolution. An electronic copy will be kept by the Archivist.
  • The requestor must complete a form with signature agreeing to specific conditions under which scanned images may be used, reproduced, or published.
  • Normally, a limit of 10 scanned images at a cost of $5.00/image will be provided to external researchers upon request. A shipping and handling charge or courier charge will be added to the initial cost. Orders must be prepaid. Internal users and researchers (i.e. StFX faculty, staff, and students) will be provided with up to 10 scanned images free of charge if the images are to be used for administrative or academic purposes. The number of scanned images provided to University personnel and students will be at the discretion of the Archivist.
  • Depending upon the size of the record, scanned images may be sent electronically via e-mail to the requestor. The StFX University Archives will provide a CD-Rom at a cost of $5.00/each if the requester wishes to receive the scanned image(s) on disk.
  • The Archivist reserves the right to determine what constitutes a large scanned image.

Approved by UARMC
23 January 2002


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