Daniel Kane


Daniel Kane

Associate Professor
Campus Location
42 West St Rm103C
(902) 867-2251

Growing up in Michigan, Dan enjoyed being active outdoors and participating in activities like cross-country, track & field, mountain biking and various paddle sports. Dan has always been interested in understanding how the human body reacts and adapts to exercise. While at Northern Michigan University (B.S., Biology), Dan’s interests in physiology and biochemistry became coupled with his involvement in the sport of rowing (competing and coaching), and he decided to pursue graduate study in exercise physiology (M.S., Exercise Science), with an emphasis on the metabolic aspects of training and performance. At East Carolina University (Ph.D., Bioenergetics) in North Carolina, Dan’s research interests in muscle metabolism shifted in a more fundamental and health-oriented direction. There, he studied the ways in which skeletal muscle mitochondria are affected by things known to alter glucose homeostasis, like exercise, hormones, and drugs. Dan’s current research interests include the ways in which exercise affects the metabolic physiology of skeletal muscle.


Exercise Metabolism; Mitochondrial Physiology; Skeletal Muscle Physiology

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