Economics Research Seminar

Dr. Didier Tatouchup
, to


The rhinoceros is an endangered species in the world because of poaching. Unfortunately, the illegal trade in rhino horn makes current poaching activities persistent. Poaching of these rhinos is a complex issue, influenced by many factors, the most important of which is the black market price of rhino horn. Rising prices on the black market have prompted poachers to kill rhinos on a large scale, sometimes through increasingly sophisticated technologies. This article examines the potential effectiveness of legal trade as an anti-poaching measure and other  alternative  policies  such  as  dehorning  and  patrols.  Under  a  legal  trading  regime, governments and conservationists can control the horn supply and influence the market price, reducing  incentives  for  poaching  and  illegal  trade.  We are developing and calibrating  a theoretical  model to  explore  how  legal  trade  would  affect  poachers'  decisions  and  save endangered species. We also discuss some policy implications.