Book Launch for Russiagate Revisited: The Aftermath of a Hoax

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The People's Place Antigonish Town and County Library (Community Room)

The Sociology Department invites you to a Book Launch for Russiagate Revisited: The Aftermath of a Hoax edited by Dr. Stephen Marmura

People's Place Library, Community Room

Wednesday, Nov. 22nd from 5:00-6:30pm AST

(followed by refreshments)

This volume provides a comprehensive, scholarly re-examination of the events and developments collectively referred to as Russiagate. In 2016 a consensus emerged within American and British intelligence, political, and news media establishments that Russia was interfering in the United States federal election vis-à-vis an “influence campaign,” in support of the candidacy of Donald Trump. This narrative monopolized western media attention for over five years but has proven poorly founded in fact.  Russiagate Revisited examines the authenticity of official Russiagate claims, the role of mainstream and alternative media as both observers of and participants in the drama, what Russiagate reveals about the state of mainstream journalism, the gambits of professional propagandists within a long-established campaign of demonization of Russia, how Russiagate narratives were perceived in Russia, and the grave implications - of both Russiagate and the decline of trust in public information - for sustainable western democracy. 

Additional information about the book can be found on the publisher website.