Atlantic Medieval and Early Modern Group (AMEMG) 2023 Conference

Image: "Minor Esca maiories" ["the big eat the small], a large fish eating a small fish
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StFX is proud to host the 2023 Atlantic Medieval and Early Modern Group conference, "Medieval and Renaissance Politics and Thought Today." 

The conference, held in the Hall of Clans at the Angus L. Macdonald Library, will bring together scholars from across Atlantic Canada and beyond.

AMEMG23 thanks the StFX Dean of Arts, the Academic Vice President, the Research Services Office, the Department of English, the Department of Philosophy, and the StFX Library for supporting this event.

For questions about this event, please contact organizers Dr. Laura Estill and Dr. Joseph Khoury, both of the StFX English Department.


Academic Program


Friday 22 September

5:00-5:30 Visit to Special Collections, with Laurinda Matheson (St FX Library)

Father Charles Brewer Celtic Collections, Angus L. Macdonald Library


Saturday 23 September

Hall of the Clans, Angus L. Macdonald Library


8:30-8:40        welcome and coffee

                        Hall of the Clans, Angus L. MacDonald Library


8:40-9:55        Panel 1: Spectatorship and Audience

Chair: Andrew Klein

                        “John Donne’s Pictures”

Ronald Huebert, Dalhousie University


“By the Shallow Rivers of Babylon?: Musical Mashups and the Sound of

Lost Music on the Shakespearean Stage”

Jacqueline Wylde, St. Francis Xavier University      


“Self-Likenesses in Selected Frescoes of the Italian Renaissance”

David McNeil, Dalhousie University


9:55-10:10      break


10:10-11:10     Panel 2: Medieval Medicine

Chair: Matthew Vanderkwaak

                        “Who Was David Armenicus?”

                        Donna Trembinski, St. Francis Xavier University


                        “Cross-Cultural Eyecare in David Armenicus’ De curationibus oculorum

Clara O’Callaghan, St. Francis Xavier University


11:10-12:25     Panel 3: English Texts and Rhetoric

Chair: Jacqueline Wylde

“Reading English Poetry in Medieval Manuscripts, Then and Now: A Media-Specific Approach”

Andrew W. Klein, St. Thomas University


“Rhetoric of the Colonial Gentry”

Daniel Ellis, St. Bonaventure University


“Female Authorship and Identity in the Paratext of Isabella Whitney’s Printed Works”

Jane Goulding, Memorial University of Newfoundland



12:25-1:50      Lunch

Piper’s Pub


1:50-3:05        Panel 4: On Power

Chair: Steve Baldner

                        “Past, Present, and the Politics of ‘Witch Hunts’”

                        Kathryn Morris, University of King’s College


“The Cosmological Background of Giles of Rome’s theory of Ecclesiastical Authority”

Matthew Vanderkwaak, University College Dublin and University of King’s College


“Dante’s Vision of Justice as a Prelude to Contemporary Political Thought”

Neil Robertson, University of King’s College


3:05-4:25        Panel 5: Animalia

Chair: Donna Trembinski

“Werewolves in Wolf Land: A Biosemiotic Reading of the Old English ‘Wulf’”

Andrea Schutz, St. Thomas University


“Pour une politique de l’appréciation de l’animal ou la sagesse de la bête chez Michel de Montaigne  / About Politics of Animal Appreciation or the Wisdom of the Beast in Michel de Montaigne”

Sanda Badescu, University of Prince Edward Island


“Francesco Salviati and the Horses of San Marco”

Sharon Gregory, St Francis Xavier University



4:25-4:40        break


4:40-5:55        Panel 6: Religious Thinking and Practices

Chair: Michael Szlachta

“Dying to be a Monk: Questions, Findings, and Sources about Lay Death and Burial in Religious Habits”

Kirsty Schut, University of King’s College


“Competing Hermeneutics: The Martyr Murals at Santo Stefano Rotondo”

Louis Groarke, St. Francis Xavier University


“Dutch Mennonites, Religious Freedom, and Philosophies of Toleration: Baruch Spinoza, John Locke, and Galenus Abrahamsz”

Gary Waite, University of New Brunswick


5:55-6:00        Announcements: Andrea Schutz, AMEMG President

Conference wrap-up