Past Theses

2023 Tehya Blake Who Does Canada Sanction? The Inconsistent Implementation of Economic Sanctions In Canadian Foreign Policy Yvon Grenier
  Kyle Knights Legal Positivism in Canada: How Hobbes Can Change Our Understanding of the Law Within the State Igor Shoikhedbrod
  Mika Nikolai The Influence of Political Culture on Alliance Durability Jamie Levin
  Kegan Palmer From Enragement to Engagement: Rethinking Youth Political Participation and Political Resentment in Canada James Bickerton
2022 Cole Curnew Solid Rock: The Permutations of Nationalism and Regionalism in Post-Confederation Newfoundland James Bickerton
  Alexandra Daly 'Dividing the Baby': Investigating Issue Invisibility in Territorial Conflict Jamie Levin
  Ben Dalzell The Gravity of Ethics & Morality During War: An Inquiry into the Internal Contradictions of 'Just War Theory' and its Consequential Rejection by State Governments Jamie Levin
  Druhan Dunn Layered Hierarchies and Upward Mobility in the Global System: What is the Future of India and China's Power Transitions? Jamie Levin
  Victoria Harper The Picture of Jody Wilson-Raybould, Serial Tapist? Investigating Media Coverage of Female Politicians Embroiled in Scandal  Rebecca Wallace
  Ashley Hatt All about the Benjamins: The Role of Power in the Resilience of Dollar Hegemony Youngwon Cho
  Austin Lees The End of Neo-liberalism? Canada's Response to Crisis in the 21st Century James Bickerton
  Manoela Strehl Canadian Foreign Policy Toward Latin America: Identifying Opportunities Behind Canada's Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights in the Region Yvon Grenier
  Cailey MacKinnon Sovereignty and Treaty Rights Jurisprudence: The Case of the Mi'kmaq Livelihood Fishery James Bickerton
  Zach Piette Playgrounds as Public Good in the Halifax Regional Municipality and How They Relate to Community Demographics Rebecca Wallace
  Ailie Sullivan Making America Populist Again: Analyzing the Evolution of Donald Trump's Populist Rhetoric in Presidential Campaign Speeches in 2016 and 2020 Nathan Allen
2021 Mairin Sullivan Belasus: Examining Europe's Last Dictatorship Lavinia Stan
  Erin Kinzie Ballots Beyond Borders: Extraterritorial Voting Rights in South Asia Nathan Allen
  Annie MacKinnon When Does Canada Care? The Inconsistency of the Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy in Canadian Foreign Policy Yvon Grenier
  Emma Waller Lone Wolf Terrorism: The Presence of Contagion in Ideologically Motivated Violent Extremism Jamie Levin
  Katherine Wirvin National Security and the United States Constitution: Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Warrantless Wiretaps and Metadata Collection Programs Versus American Civil Liberties Jamie Levin
  Jaimie Wood How to Silence The Masses: Digital Repression During the Arab Spring Nathan Allen
  Christopher Yurris Consensus Confusion: Democracy in the Northwest Territories James Bickerton
2020 Marcus Cuomo Governments Can Give Permits, but Only Communities Give Permission: An Analysis of the Oceans Protection Plan and its Applications to Northern Coastal Communities  
  MacKenzie Thomas The Prosecution of Sexual Crimes under International Criminal Court Law: Lessons From the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda  Lavinia Stan
  Megan Waddington The Role of Trust in the Nuclear Era: The United States-Russia Relationship and the Future of Nuclear Treaties in the 21st Century  
2019 Michaella Brand Women and Politics in Canada: The Modern Gender Gap and its Implications James Bickerton
  David Barry Supplementing or Supplanting the IMF? East Asia's Regional Financial Arrangement in the Global Financial Safety Net Youngwon Cho
  Rachel MacQueen Enfranchisement in Canada: How Conceptions of Citizenship Influence who has the Right to Vote James Bickerton
  Matthew Trnkus The Mexican Drug War and State Capacity Since 2007 Yvon Grenier
2018 Jennifer Andersen Victims or Perpetrators? The Agency of Female Terrorists Monika Thakur
  Jack Bowness Perspectives Locales: NAFTA and the Indigenous People of Southern Mexico Yvon Grenier
  Rob Haswell Destroying the World Entire: Decision Making Blunders in American Foreign Policy, the Iraq War, and the Rise of the Islamic State Monika Thakur
  Megan Langhorne Changing Political Opportunities: Examining the Effect of Government Turnovers on Social Movements in Northern Ghana Nathan Allen
  Maili MacKenzie Women’s Rights in International Treaties: Exploring Their Influence and Disconnects with National Government’s Legislation and Treatment of Women in Civil Society. Jeffrey Spring
  Izaak MacMullin

The Advent of Right-Wing Populism in Western Europe

Yvon Grenier
  Sandra Petrovic Indigenous Participation Within Transitional Justice: Addressing Exclusion and Fostering Democratization in Guatemala Yvon Grenier
  Annie Sirois

Women and Politics: Involvement in Student Government and Political Participation Post-Graduation

James Bickerton & Lavinia Stan
2017 Kate Barrett Youth Political Disengagement in Canada: Aberration or Trend? James Bickerton
  Elizabeth Burton CIDA No More: Restructuring Canadian Air in the Harper Era Glenn Graham
  Lucas Fraser Not Now, Not Ever: A Critical Analysis of Electoral System Reform in Canada James Bickerton
  Joelle French The Attempt to Give Back the Irreversible: Transitional Justice for Victims of Sexual Violence in Time of War Lavinia Stan
  Emily Keenan Dis-embedding Inequality: Reconceiving the World Trade Organizatio for Development Youngwon Cho
  Jessica LeClair The Future of the International Criminal Court: Looking Critically at the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Youngwon Cho
  Mike Masserey Integrated Resource Management and the Atlantic Salmon Challenges of Connecting Theory and Practice Peter Clancy
  Lyndsay Scovil Hybrid Courts and an Effective Transitional Justice Mechanism Lavinia Stan
2016 Bridget Burgess The Underrepresentation of Women in the Canadaian Federal Electorial System James Bickerton
  Travis Dagg Friend or Foe: The Rise of China as a Global Superpower Steven Holloway
  Alex Miller Transitioning to Sustainability: The Politics of Diversifying Nova Scotia's Energy System Peter Clancy
  Chelsea Murphy Reckoning with the Past: The Comfort Women of Imperial Japan and Sexual Violence During Times of War Lavinia Stan
  Isaac Turner The Politics of the California Water Crisis: Drought Management in the Golden State Peter Clancy
  Kerri Veno Undercover Communism: The Albanian Case of Failed Lustration Lavinia Stan
2015 Brianna Graham The Effects of Free Trade on the Canadian Dairy Industry Peter Clancy
  Shainah MacFarlane The Origin and Exercise of Political Power: Consent and Results Claudia Schaler
  Emily MacGregor Riotous Female Forms: The Body Politics and Performance Art of Modern Eastern European Feminist Protest Groups Yvon Grenier
  Hilary Perry The Limits of Canadian Multiculturalism: The Unfinished Business of Inclusion and Accommodation James Bickerton
  Kaitlin Pierce Sexuality and Imperialism: Gay Rights and Racial Difference Shiraz Dossa
  Carly Smith NATO: Relevancy and Power in the 21st Century Youngwon Cho
  Harlan Steele Soldier of Fortune: The Rise of Private Military Companies and Its Implications Youngwon Cho
2014 Donald Drew MacQuarrie Breaking Down Borders: The Potential for Municipal Amalgamation in the Strait of Canso Doug Brown
  Kevin David Armstrong Attack of the Drones: A Critical Examination of the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles In the War on Terror Yvon Grenier
  Ragnheidur Olafsdottir Liberals and Conquest: Palestinians and Native Americans Shiraz Dossa
  Cameron Alexander Warshick Hold The Line: The Doctrine of Restraint Claudia Schaler
2013 Jennifer Creasy Literary Imperialism: The Subtle Theory of Conquest Shiraz Dossa
  Emily Faulkner Environmental Regulation of American Shale Gas: Effects on Freshwater and the Impacts of Science on Policy Peter Clancy
  Nick Hiley Globalization and the Rise of Global Cities as Agents of Social Justice Lavinia Stan
  Noelle Jackson The Art of Protest from Daumier to Banksy Yvon Grenier
  Sarah Jackson The International Criminal Court is Here to Stay Lavinia Stan
  Philip Jones Causes of Muslim Terrorism in Western Europe Post 9/11 Lavinia Stan
  Andre Landry Confidence Without Carrying: A Critique of West African Arms Control Regimes Youngwon Cho
  Mary Anne MacDonald Multicultural Accommodation in Canada and France James Bickerton
  Alison Manley Playing the "Blame Game": The Ebb and Flow of Language Politics in New Brunswick Since 1969 Doug Brown
  Geoff Matheson Re-Imagining the Arctic: Economics, International Law and Sovereignty Shiraz Dossa
  Kyle Morrow The Gay Card: Same-sex Marriage, Barack Obama and the 2012 US Presidential Election Claudia Schaler
  Brendan Riley Why did the Treaty of Lisbon Succeed in Ratificaton by EU Member States whereas the European Constitution did not? Doug Brown
2012 Keltie Coupar Newfoundland's Offshore Petroleum Regime in Light of the BP Macondo Blowout Peter Clancy
  Thomas Lattimer Integrated Ocean Management in Canada: A Comparison of Large Ocean Management Strategies Peter Clancy
  Maureen McEwan A Political Discourse Analysis of Truth Commission Reports Lavinia Stan
  Caitlin Merritt Borders and Bridges: A Survey of Recent Trends and Obstacles in Canada-United States Trade Relations Peter Clancy
  Tom Orr Beyond Good and Evil? The Implications of "China in Africa" Youngwon Cho
  Bailey Rudnick The American Supreme Court and Social Change: Dynamic or Constrained, Helpful or Harmful? Claudia Schaler
  Yatuta Sikazwe Nonviolent Action and the Promise of Radical Change: The Case of the 2011 Uprising in Egypt Yvon Grenier
  Angus Smith Factors Contributing to Mi'kmaq Self-Government in Fisheries and Education Peter Clancy
  Margaret Werniuk How Imbalance Between European Union Member States is Influencing an Emerging Federation Yvon Grenier
2011 Cameron Fleming Democracy in the Workplace: A Social Theory of Liberalism Claudia Schaler
  Danielle Johnston The Canadian Diversity Model and the Debate over Multiculturalism James Bickerton
  Liam Kelley The Iranian Deception: Iran's Nuclear Program and its Foreign Policy Ramification Youngwon Cho
  David MacLellan Knock'em Down and Drag'em Out: Politics and Governance in the English Premier League Peter Clancy
  Christopher Mllar A Cresent Amongst Golden Stars: An Analysis of EU-Turkish Accession Negotiations Lavinia Stan
  Mike Powers    
  Cheryl Samm Examining Humanitarian Intervention in Sudan Through Cosmopolitan Lenses Yvon Grenier
  Valerie Tessier Peux ce que veuz. Allons-y: Canada's Role in International Peace Operations Steven Holloway
2010 James Bridger A Failed State, Big Sea and Small Boats: Confronting the Crisis of Somali Piracy Steven Holloway
  Connor Denoon The Arctic: Conflict and Cooperation in the Circumpolar North Doug Brown
  Hilary Feltham Female Political Representation and Conflict Resolution in sub-Saharan Africa Youngwon Cho
  Evan Galbraith Environmental Free Trade; An Examination of "Dirty" Energy in the Context of NAFTA Doug Brown
  Kieran Gilfoy Betrayal from Pretoria to Lusaka: Contemporary Understanding and Relevance of the African Comprador Youngwon Cho
  Sophie Lorefice Machiavelli's Realist Theory: Discourse, Power, Conquest. An examination of Israel and Palestine and Canada's Historical Mistreatment of the Aboriginal People Shiraz Dossa
  Lyssa MacDonald International Transitional Justice: The International Criminal Tribunal of Yugoslavia Lavinia Stan
  Michael MacIsaac Benevolence Bewildered: Stephen Harper's Foreign Aid Policy Towards Latin America Yvon Grenier
  Courtney MacNeil Constructing the Buckskin Curtain: Enlightenment, Thought and Euro-Canadian First Nations Relations Shiraz Dossa
  Alexa Minichiello The Millennium Development Goals and Women in Africa Peter Dockwrey
  Sarah Molyneaux The War on Hamas: Israeli Counterterrorism, Defense and Development in the Palestinian Territories Steven Holloway
  Devanne O'Brien Social Policy and Social Inclusion: Tracing the Gender Order of Canadian Income Support Policies James Bickerton
  Chrystal Penney The US Embargo against Cuba: Success or Failure? Yvon Grenier
  Kristen Stallard New avenues, old disputes: the Charter, the coursts, and Aboriginal political mobilization in Canada Peter Clancy
2009 Ryan Algar From Paramilitaries to Politicians: the Provisional IRA in Northern Ireland J. F. Harrison
  Matthew Bernard Altered Solution for an Altered State: A History of and Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Steven Holloway
  Kate Clark Mass Media, Democracy and Ethnic Conflict in Kenya and South Africa: A Comparative Study Lars Hallstrom
  Patrick Connors First Nations? Further Thoughts: Tom Flanagan, Stephen Harper, and Aboriginal Policy in Canada Doug Brown
  Alison Crepinsek The Policy and Politics of HIV/AIDS: A Comparative Study of the United States of America and Germany Lars Hallstrom
  Matthew Davidson United in Diversity: European Union Policy, Religious Groups and the Emerging Dialogue Lavinia Stan
  Matthew Edmonds   James Bickerton
  Alice Fudge Revolutionary Actors: Two Exceptional Women J. F. Harrison
  Dana MacSween The Repercussions of "L'Affaire des Foulards" on France Lavinia Stan
  Travis Roulston Individualist Anarchism - The Arguments of William Godwin and Max Stirner J. F. Harrison
  Kaitlin Russell Not Sleeping with the Elephant: Theories of Convergence and Divergence and the Evolution of Canadian Political Culture James Bickerton
2008 Jon Adams Canada the Cautious: The Workability of a Dynamic Status Quo James Bickerton
  M.K. Chrzanowski Democracy and the Media in Post-Communist Russia J. F. Harrison
  Dan Coles Gun Control in Canada: A failed Policy Doug Brown
  Currie Dixon A Province in all but name: A Modern Look at the Political and Constitutional Development of the Yukon Territory Peter Clancy
  Ben Gallant 'Atlantic Canada' or Atlantic Provinces? Political Culture and Identity in a Marginalized Region Doug Brown
  Lindsey Gorfine Glimpse into Feminism: Women using Secular Ideology Marat Akopian
  Glenn Horne Health Care Reform within the Frame of New Public Management James Bickerton
  Kim Jansz Emissions Trading Systems: A case for a successful climate change strategy in Canada? Peter Clancy
  Alicia Noonan Boots on the Ground: Canada's Military Role in the Post 9/11 Security Environment Yvon Grenier
  Marc Rodrigue Multiculturalism in Perspective: The Canadian and British Accommodation of Diversity in Perspective James Bickerton
  Stephen Scannell Deciding Russia's Future: Chechnya's Role in the Making of a 'New Russia' J. F. Harrison
  Teddy Stalker Filling the Void: The Provinces and Climate Change Peter Clancy
  Judith Thanzauva Nationalism in Post-Colonial India: Tribal/Ethnic Conflict in the North-East Yvon Grenier
  Carly Wignes Freedom vs. Security - Striking the Delicate Balance: The Politics of Canada's Anti-Terrorism Act (Bill C-36) Peter Clancy
  Michael Zitoli Addicted to Foreign Reserves: A Case for American Energy Independence Yvon Grenier
  Ian Porteous The Political Rhetoric of Equalization Doug Brown
  Danielle Ross International Criminal Justice: Past, Present and Future Marat Akopian
2007 Graham Carter Moving Beyond the National Unity Crisis: Territorial Bilingualism James Bickerton
  Michael Fini World of Debt: The American Current Account Deficit and Global Financial Instability James Bickerton
  Jillian Kilfoil Women, Politics and Representation: An analysis of the Institutional Barriers that Negate Women's Participation in Politics in the Canadian Context Doug Brown
  Michael King Foreign Aid, the Cold War and 9/11: A Critical Analysis of the Political Uses of Canadian 'Development' Assistance to the 'Third World' Shiraz Dossa
  Erica Traversy Empty Promises: The Jean Chrétien Pledge to Africa and Access to Essential Medicines for HIV/AIDS Yvon Grenier
  Janine Lesperance Putting Principles into Practice: The Challenges of Multiculturalism and Integration in France and Canada Yvon Grenier
  Jeff Major-Hansford Wasted Water: The Effects of Neoliberalism o the Sardar Sarovar Project J. F. Harrisson
  Caitlin Phillips Saving Women in the South: A Critique of Western Cultural Intervention in the 'third world' Shiraz Dossa
  Stephen Roddick American Extradition Practices and International Terrorism Lars Hallstrom
  Andrew Sachs The State of Aid: The Past, Present and Future of Foreign Aid Effectiveness Steven Holloway
  Elizabeth White Sovereignty Rethought? The Institutionalized Tension Between Sovereignty and Human Rights in International Relations and Implications for the Crisis in the Darfur, Sudan Steven Holloway
2006 Myles Baldnwin TRIPS Agreement and Public Health Xu Yi-chong
  Katherine Boyce The End of the "Troubles": Peace and the Role of Consociationalism in Northern Ireland Yvon Grenier
  Andrea Boyd Political Corruption in Central Eastern Europe Lavinia Stan
  Keltie Butler Through a Lens: Media Framing of Environmental Activism Lars Hallstrom
  Steven Carrigan The Right of Self-Defense: Limited or Boundless under International Law Steven Holloway
  David A. MacDonald Reforming How Canada Votes: Introducing the Triple-P Electoral System Doug Brown
  Mary MacNeil The Changing Face of Patronage in Canadian Federal Politics Peter Clancy
  John Mercer Crisis in the Pulp and Paper Industry: Corporate Strategies and Government Responses Peter Clancy
  Emily Nunn Political Complexity versus Moral Simplicity: Understanding the Rwandan Genocide Steven Holloway
  Benjamin Oliphant Medicare and Federalism in Canada: Is the Current Path Sustainable? Doug Brown
  Danielle Walsh Multiculturalism Policy in Canada: The debate that surround the National Jewel. Lars Hallstrom
  Bobby Weir Transplanting Democracy in Iraq: Does the Tree Suit the Soil? Lavinia Stan
  Justin Wong Albertan Exceptionalism: Political culture in Canada?s Other Exceptional Province Lars Hallstrom
2005 Alicia Brett Analysis of the National Parks Act of 2000 (Bill C-27) Gerard Horgan
  Sheehan Burns Approaches to Aboriginal Citizenship: The Case of the Marshall Decision" James Bickerton
  Adrian Cameron Taming the Democratic Deficit: Prospects for Senate Reform in Canada James Bickerton
  Allison Chisholm-Kontuk Women and Political Representation in Canada: Reviving the Electoral Project James Bickerton
  Moses Hernandez Policy Making and Change: An Assessment and Contribution to the Advocacy Coalition Framework Lars Hallstrom
  Luke Hillan The Continued Relevance of Fragment Theory to the Study of Political Culture in English-Speaking Canada Gerard Horgan
  Jennifer Langille Critically Evaluating Chrétien's Legacy: An Analysis of the Political Financing Act James Bickerton
  Duncan MacGillivray The Concept and Practice of Communism in North Korea J. Frank Harrison
  Matthew Matchett Disputed Kosovo: Ethnic Conflict, Nationalist Politics and War Lavinia Stan
  Tim Paugh A Genealogy of Aboriginal Self-Government Lars Hallstrom
  Jessica Pautsch Profits, Principles and Practice: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Human Rights in China and the United States Shiraz Dossa
  Matthew Puddicombe Why Multilateral Diplomacy to Disarm North Korea Has Failed Xu Yi-chong
  Kristyn Stevens Revolutionary Hero to Failed Diplomat: An Analysis of Yasser Arafat’s Leadership in the Palestinian Pursuit of Statehood Xu Yi-chong
  Erin Trenholm South Korean Development: Replicable or the Solitary Exception Xu Yi-chong
2004 Greg Markey Distorted Reflections: American Foreign Policy and the Myth of Morality Lars Hallstrom
  Kelsey Sitar Prisons for Profit: Privatization of Correctional Services in North America James Bickerton
  Ty Curran The Implications of Emerging Threats on Canadian Defence Policy Lars Hallstrom
  Ian Yap Judicial Politics and Aboriginal Forest Rights in New Brunswick Peter Clancy
  Helen Reddy Continuity and Disjunction In American Foreign Policy Shiraz Dossa
2003 Clark Banack Social Order and the Pursuit of Goodness Shiraz Dossa
  Shannon Bennett Changes in International Conflicts and the Effectiveness of the United Nations Steven Holloway
  Brooke Cromar Rising Above the Pessimism: Examining the Past, Present and Future of Canada’s Species at Risk Peter Clancy
  Brian C. Francis Treaty Fish and the Judicial Process A Comparative Analysis of Canada and New Zealand Peter Clancy
  Meghan Hanson Limits of Human Rights in International Politics  
  Kevin Pierce International Law: Legitimate Authority or Toothless Tiger Lars Hallström
2002 Mary Alexis Fisher Rights to Life and Death in Canadian Counts Peter Clancy
  Derek Smallwood Contending Perspecitves on the Origins and Development of Political Culture in Canada  
2001 Martha Black The Impact of Ideology on Health Care Decision-Making Rodney Haddow
  Diana Doyle    
  Catherine Hirbour Mexico’s Move Toward Modernization: The July 2000 Presidential Election Yvon Grenier
  Adam MacDonald Culture and Globalization: Continuty, Adaptation, Resistance Xu Yi-chong
  Jennifer Moores The Canadian Electoral System: Proposals and Prospects for Reform James Bickerton
2000 Christopher Moran Quebec Business Politics and the Sovereignty Issue Peter Clancy
  Vicki Sheaves Designing Nunavut: Continuity and Change Peter Clancy
1999 Wayne Francis Political and Economic Development in Newfoundland: Increasing State Capacity Peter Clancy
  Nathan Gorham From Socialist State to Capitalist Society: Soviet and Russian Politics in the Twentieth Century. J. Frank Harrison
  Steven Adam Grover Water in the Middle East: Jews and Arabs at the Common Well Steven Holloway
  Laurie Jessome Drug Trafficking and Democratization in Mexico Yvon Greneir
  Clare Morris Human Rights and Foreign Policy Toward China. Shiraz Dossa
  Karla D. Tate Achieving a Balance: Disability Rights in Canada’s Courts. Peter Clancy
1998 Denys Doiron Peace Be With You: The Evolution of the Peacekeeping Methods and the Canadian Response. Steven Holloway
  Kathryn Lynch Canada and the World Refugee Crisis: A Crisis both Outside and Inside Our Border. Shiraz Dossa
  Stephen Kamilius  Membe The Effects of Structural Adjustment in Tanzania. Xu Yi-chong
  Rita Phillips Balance/Equity/Growth/Resources: The Politics and Process of Sustainable Forest Management in Canada. Peter Clancy
  Allyson Bernice O’Shea Political Economy Perspectives on Region and Regionalism in Canada James Bickerton
  Patricia Ann Strang A Thematic Review of the Writings of Noam Chomsky. J. Frank Harrison
  Michelle L. Waye Minding the Media: An Assessment of the Federal Government’s Ability to Regulate the Canadian Mass Media. Rodney Haddow
1997 Lisa MacLeod The Question of Identity in the Canadian Constitutional Crisis. James Bickerton
  Kim O’Brien Atlantic Canada Politics: Economic Decline and the Emergence of Clientistic Politics. Rodney Haddow
  Christopher R. Quigley How the West was Lost: An Environmental Critique of the Western Developmental Paradigm and its Impact on the Third World. Shiraz Dossa
  Lisa Timmons Economic Policy-Making in Hungary: 1945-1995. J. Frank Harrison
1996 David Hugh MacKenzie The Roots of Militant Native Protest in the 1990's.  
  Patricia MacDonald Feminism, Imperialism and the Third World.  
  Peter Johnson Allocating Canadian International Development Assistance  
  Heather L. Murray The Role of Referendums in the Canadian Political Process.  
  Michael Kortes Taking Part: Public Participation in B.C. Environmental Law  
  Claire MacDonell Agenda-Setting and Advocacy on the Breast Cancer Issue in Canada.  
  Glenn Graham Leadership Selection and Renewal in Canada.  
1995 Martin T. Bell The Fragment Theory Revisited: Factoring in Western Canadian Political Culture.  
  Lee Ann Gorman The Impact of the Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) on The Judicial Recognition of Women’s Rights Under The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  
  Michelle Gouchie Must Canada Dismantle Its Welfare State?  
1994 Gregory MacNeil An Analysis of the Electorial Fortunes of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Under Brian Mulroney, 1983 to 1988.  
  Neil A. Murphy Rubik’s Cuba: Understanding the Political and Economic Puzzle.  
  Timothy Wightman Economic Adjustment in a Federal State: the Ottawa-Ontario Dynamic in Contemporary Trade and Industrial Policy.  
  Neil G. Ross Representation Democracy and the Electoral System of Canada: An Examination of Critique of Institutions.  
  Christopher Conahan The Political Self Image of Blacks in America: A Study of Black Thinkers and Their Relevance to the Life of African Americans  
  Pierre LeBlanc The NDP and the Women’s Movement.  
  Michelle Johnston Women in the Political Elite: An Analysis of Ideology, Class and Ethnicity.  
1993 Kevin B. Phillips The Evolution of Canadian Constitutionalism: Elitism to Pluralism to Individualism.  
  Sean T. Keenan Neo-Conservatives on Government: The Mulroney Era, 1984-1992  
  Marlene Power A Terrible Beauty: The Problems of a Divided Ireland.  
  Tara Rousseau Apartheid in South Africa: The Theory and Practice of Racial Politics.  
  Ralph Meechan The Maritime Union Initiative: Regional Responses to Global Chamge  
  Michelle M. Shears The Evolution of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women: The Impact of the Feminist Lobby in Canadian Politics.  
1992 Mary Agobia Colonialism and Democracy: The Dilemmas of African Political Development.  
  Shaun Michael Bugyra The Changing Ideology of the Parti Québécois From Lévesque to Parizeau.  
  Henry Feilding Sexist or Feminist? A Study of Femininity in Amelia  
  Michael Sean Finn Presidential Government: Bridging the Gap.  
  Christopher J. Hamilton Deep Ecology: A Greening of Political Philosophy.  
  Jeff MacDonald Literature, Liberty and Justice: An Essay on the Politics of George Orwell.  
  Lauchie MacKinnon Crises in Education: Finance, Structure and Accessibility in Post Secondary Education in Nova Scotia.  
  Kassandra-Leigh L. Language Politics in New Brunswick: The Rise of the McMicking Confederation of Region Party.  
  Chris M. R. Nicholson Micmac Self Government in Nova Scotia Richard Nixon’s Odyssey in Vietnam: The Role of American Military Pressure in Determining the Paris Peace Accords 1969 to 1973.  
  Seamus O’Regan Warplanes in Nitassinan: Political Mobilization of the Naskapi- Montagnais Innu.  
  Nancy C. Ross The German Democratic Republic: Factors Determining the Disintegration of its Political System and its Unification with the Federal Republic of Germany.  
  Denise A. Ryan The Division of Germany: A Result of Cold War Tensions.  
1991 Robert J. Currie The Politics of Populism: Nationalism and the Thatcher Programme.  
  Chris Michaud Aboriginal Claims and Native Self-Government: the Case of the Nova Scotia Micmac Peter Clancy
  Alice McLafferty Alberta’s Forest Development Strategy and the Politics of Environmental Assessment.  
  John Ratchford Cultural Preservation Versus Individual Rights: The Case of Language in Quebec.  
  David MacIssac Redressing History: The Pursuit of Native Self-Justice in Canada.  
1989 Carolyn Chisholm The Federal Theories and Practices of Pierre Elliot Trudeau: 1945-1984.  
  Katherine Elizabeth The Anarchist Alternative of Prince Peter Kropotkin Chisholm  
  Joanie MacKay Regulating the Lobbyists: Bill C-82 and Procedural Democracy in Canada.  
1988 Joseph A. Bradford The Response to Foreign Direct Investment in Canada  
  Martin Corbett An Analysis of the Role of United Nations Peacekeeping  
  Steve Denelzen The Political Economy of Multinational Corporations and Third World Development.  
  Peter Kontak The Political Economy of Oil and Gas in Nova Scotia Offshore 1980-87  
  Brenda MacDonald Social Democracy, Thatcherism and the Poor: Poverty and Welfare Policy 1945-88.  
1987 Helen C. Kennedy The Political Thought of F. A. Hayek.  
  Ken M. Morris Rousseau’s Political Theory: A Contemporary Interpretation.  
  Allan Murphy Canadian Public Enterprise and the CNR.  
  David P. Murphy An Assessment of Canada in the North Atlantic Treaty organizations: Past, Present and Future.  
1986 Harris A. Fricker Canadian Defense Policy: The Politics of Reaction, The Imperatives of Reality.  
  Kevin F. McGilly Toward an Elected Senate of Canada  
  Kim McRae Rhetoric and Reality in Canadian Foreign Policy: Apartheid in South Africa.  
1985 Ginette B. Aucoin Soviet Military Intervention Aggressive of Defensive Response?  
  Emile R. Cormier The Antigonish Movement: An Economic Means to Social Development in Eastern Nova Scotia.  
  Brenda Lehmann Class and Revolution: Karl Marx and Mao Zedong on the First Stages of Socialist Society  
  Gerry Smith From Diefenbaker to Mulroney: An Analysis of the Electoral Fortunes of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, 1957-1984  
  Karen Sundberg The Russian Intellectual’s Politics in the Nineteenth Century: Alexander Herzen (1812-1870).  
  Greg Cameron African Socialism: Ujamaa and the Peasantry.  
  Margaret MacDonell Saint Thomas Aquinas and Obligation to the State.  
  K. Andrew MacNeil Canadian International Development Aid Policy, 1950-1984: An Evaluation.  
  Thomas Shannon Murphy The Montreal Citizens’ Movement: Three Frameworks of Analysis.  
  Thomas J. MacLennan The Political Thought of F. A. Hayek: A Comparison with Adam Smith  
  Larry Patriquin Political History of Richmond County.  
1983 Francis Campbell Alberta’s Alienation from Central Canada.  
  Faye Chisholm The Distinctiveness of Social Democratic Government: Resource Management and Party Membership under the Saskatchewan CCF & NDP.  
  Catherine M. MacDonald Justice as the Basis for Society for David Hume and Adam Smith.  
  Carolyn Redpath Newfoundland’s Offshore Regulations: Will the Spirit be Fulfilled?  
  David Ryan Tobin The Concepts of Justice and Benevolence in the Writings of David Hume and Adam Smith.  
1982 Therese Arseneau Political Alienation in Alberta, The Western Perspective.  
  Gilles Deveau Minority French Language Education Policies in the Provinces of New Brunswick and Ontario.  
  Patricia Fricker Scarce Dollars and Political Sense: Financing Canada’s Federal System.  
  Norma J. MacIsaac Media Coverage of Canadian Federal Election Campaigns.  
  Marguerite Joan MacNeil Major Themes and Directions in Feminist Political Thought.  
  Anne Marie Pellerin Offshore Mineral Resources: Federal and Provincial Legal-Claims.  
  Francis X. Shea The Relationship of the American Press to American Policy in Central America, 1977-1982.  
1981 Mary K. MacDonald Canadian Foreign Policy and the Law of the Se  
  Walter M. Majola Apartheid-South Africa’s Solution for Different Racial Groups--A Myth.  
  David C. McGreer The Energy Dispute: A Test of Federalism.  
  Jane Shupe The Law of the Sea--A Case Study of Blocs and Multilateral Negotiations.  
1980 Del Atwood Maritime Political Economy from 1967.  
  Mark M. Bowler Petro-Canada: A Case-Study of a Crown Corporation.  
  Richard Saunders Revolutionary Violence: An Ideological Examination.  
  Elizabeth Tompkins Political Change in China Since 1976.  
1979 D. J. Hickey The 1978 Constitution Amendment Bill: Trudeau’s Ploy.  
  Alfred LeBlanc The Quebec Separatist Movement.  
1978 Stephen Dankowich Freedom of Information Legislation.  
  Michael W. Fougere Marx’s Rejection of Idealism  
  Kathie M. Maher Canadian Foreign Policy.  
  Hugh Patrick Mellon Foreign Investment and Canadian Policies 1911-1963.  
  Kevin A. Phelan China and the Superpowers.  
  Gerald Zitoll Project Htlingual: A Case Study in Bureaucratic Behaviour  
1977 Peter Bowler Canadian Immigration Policy: A Case Study in Policy Formation.  
1976 Peter Goldie Canada’s Relations with the EEC: An Argument in Favour of a Contractual Link.  
  Eric P. Groody A Consideration of V. I. Lenin’s Views of Democracy  
  John Joseph Kavanagh Albert Camus’ L’homme Revolute.  
1975 Paul Lippens The Judicial use of Social Science Data: Some Perspectives  
1974 Robert Gerard McNeil Thomas Hobbes and Religion.  
1973 Terrence Joseph Cormier Aspects of Foreign Investment in Canada  
  Francis G. Gillis The Role of the People’s Liberation Army in the Political System in the People’s Republic of China.  
  John Daniel MacDonald Canada - USSR: Thoughts on Comparative Bureaucratic Theory.  
  J. Rankin MacSween Renal Reform in Canada.  
  Thomas Camillus Turner Xavier Spring 1971: A Political Evolution.  
1972 Claude Bourque Accomplishments and Shortcomings of the Program for Equal Opportunity in New Brunswick: People’s Service.  
  Michael Wayne Dallien The Extent and Direction of Federal Involvement in the Economy of Cape Breton since the Donald Report, 1966.  
  Sean Flanagan China’s Foreign Policy in Asia: A Defense of the People’s Revolution.  
  Robin Hamum The DREE Program in Newfoundland.  
1971 Jean L. Deleskie Marx and Alienation.  
  Richard Murtha The Applied Neutrality of Prince Norodom Sihanouk.  
1970 Mary C. Hynes The Cuban Revolution: The Development of a New Phase of Communist Theory and Practice.  
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  Anne MacLellan African Socialism: Tanzania - A Prototype.  
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  Paul Joseph McFarland The Political Thought of the Framers of the Constitution of the United States of America.  
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  Harry VanderSpank Codetermination in West-Germany.  


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