Connecting Math to Our Lives and Communities

Connecting Math to Our Lives and Communities is a focused after school, in-community mathematics outreach program created for and reaching 200 Mi’kmaq and African Nova Scotian youth annually. The program is built on community relationships and run in full partnership with four Mi’kmaq and three African Nova Scotian communities. Throughout the academic year, StFX students travel to local communities to engage youth in meaningful, hands-on investigations of mathematics related to their everyday lives. A final celebration day provides a culminating experience for all participants on campus at StFX. The goal of the program is to have students see the role mathematics plays in reading and writing the world, and identify themselves as mathematicians in a way that also honors their ways of being. For more information, see Show Me Your Math.

Mathematics in the World: Bringing Applied Mathematics to High School Classrooms

This series of interactive lectures to high school students aims to show a variety of exciting applications and uses of mathematics, spanning from everyday reasoning to fascinating research that attempts to unravel the complexity of the world around us. The lectures span the topics of law, music, science, economics, and beyond, and rather than delving into mathematical details, aims to survey these applications of mathematics in an accessible way. Through this, increased motivation and engagement with mathematics is encouraged. The speaker is from St. Francis Xavier University.  For more information contact Ryan Lukeman.

StFX Math Camp

The camp is scheduled for mid to late-May and will be residential in nature. The camp is planned for students in grade 10 and 11 that will be chaperoned by university students. Invitations will be sent to high schools in Nova Scotia for nominations of maximum per school of two students. The students will be expected to be academically strong and enthusiastic, with strong aptitude for mathematics. In addition to the criteria listed above, selection of the participants is mostly on a first come-first served basis. However, gender and regional balance, recommendation letters and grades will also be considered. The camp will be a two and half days weekend camp to begin at 9:00 am on the Friday and end by 11:30 am on Sunday. There will be about seven sessions that will be presented by faculty to expose the participants to exciting topics and applications in the mathematical sciences. In addition there will be several sessions on math trivia, math relays, and team problem solving to help inspire the participants about the breadth and applicability of the mathematical sciences. It is anticipated that students who attend the camps will develop new friends, new ideas, and a new outlook on mathematics.  More information

More Opportunities

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