Co-operative Education

How would you like to…  

  • work in various locations across Canada in various health-related roles?  
  • earn money while completing your BASc in Health?  
  • build your resume with 12-16 months of employment in addition to your degree?  
  • discover who you are, effective job search strategies, and professional skills that build your career?  

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, the BASc Health Co-op Education program is the right fit for you.  

St. Francis Xavier University was excited to launch the BASc Health Co-op Education Program in September 2017. StFX has offered a Co-op Education in selected programs since 2003. We have taken and translated our expertise to this new program.  

Co-op is an educational program in which you alternate semesters of academic study with semesters of full-time paid employment in positions related to your academic and/or career interests. As with the BASc in Health program, BAScH co-op students will be able to explore health from multiple disciplinary work experiences.    

The Co-op Process  

First, meet with your Co-op Coordinator who reviews the program requirements, helps you to develop your academic co-op plan, and identifies various positions/organizations that best match your skills and career interests.  

Second, complete our professional development courses. Through dynamic and engaged teaching, Co-op staff review course curriculum that helps co-op students be more successful in the program and in professional settings. 

Third, complete a minimum of 12-16 months of work experience.  

Your work term sequencing options:   

  • 4 months plus 8 months  
  • 8 months plus 4 months  
  • 12 months consecutive with a single employer  

While on work term, the Co-op staff engages with students and their supervisors to promote a purposeful learning work experience. Through reflective assignments, students gain more meaning about who they are as a student and as a professional.  

Finally, co-op students complete our COOP 405 (3 credit) course that runs in September or January. Students complete a formal debrief with their co-op peers, group presentations, and a paper.  

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Potential Employers and Job Titles  

Potential Employers (Selected sample)  

BASc in Health Co-op students could work for employers in business, industry, research, education, government and the not-for-profit sector.  

  • Assisted Living Centres  
  • Colleges and Universities  
  • Community Care Access Centre   
  • Consulting Firms  
  • Departments of many major companies  
  • Fitness and Recreational Centres  
  • Government Agencies (Federal, Provincial, Municipal)  
  • Health Advocacy Organizations   
  • Health Research Centres  
  • Hospitals  
  • Insurance Companies  
  • Local Health Integration Networks  
  • Long-term Care Facilities  
  • Medical Offices  
  • Public Health Agencies  
  • Social Services Agencies  
  • Workplace Safety Boards  

Potential Co-op Job Titles  

After researching various job boards, the following co-op positions have been discovered (to name a few). With the launch of the new BASc in Health program, the Co-op Staff will work with faculty to build a list of potential jobs and organizations that would benefit from hiring a BASc in Health Co-op student.  

  • Analyst  
  • Clinical Research Assistant  
  • Community Care Research Assistant  
  • Community Health Educator Co-op  
  • Consultation and Skill Development Student Intern  
  • Corporate Wellness Assistant Co-op  
  • Guest Services Coordinator  
  • Health & Safety Student Officer  
  • Health Information Specialist  
  • Health Policy Researcher Co-op  
  • Health Program Planner  
  • Health Promotion Co-op  
  • Health Promotions & Events Assistant  
  • Health Systems Planner Co-op  
  • Healthy Project Coordinator  
  • Junior Policy Analyst  
  • Marketing & Special Events Coordinator  
  • Medical Administration Student  
  • Medical Writer  
  • Outdoor Education Intern  
  • Patient Flow Facilitator  
  • Project Assistant, Health Services  Research  
  • Project Assistant, Hospital Reports  
  • Project Coordinator Co-op  
  • Public Health Analyst  
  • Rehabilitation & Mental Health Assistant  
  • Rehabilitation Research Assistant  
  • Research Analyst Co-op  
  • Research Assistant  
  • Restorative Care Assistant  
  • Volunteer Resources Team Assistant