StFX is home to Crystal Cliffs, one of Nova Scotia's most inspiring and scenic beachside wedding venues. Crystal Cliffs has played host to movie stars, boards of directors, companies, teams and a wide variety of guests who've found inspiration in the rocky shores and historic setting. Located on the shore of St. George's Bay, about 15km outside of the town of Antigonish, this historic and fully licensed property is now a perfect location for weddings, retreats and special occasions.  With a waterfront opening up on the mouth of Antigonish Harbour and full food service available at this location, it's perfect for groups of all sizes. Wide open green spaces leave plenty of room to set up additional space for temporary structures and relaxation spaces for your guests. Sea kayaking and golf are also available in close proximity. Available from late May to early October.

 Venue Amenities

  • Beautiful oceanfront property.
  • Fully licensed
  • StFX shuttle is available to pick up/drop off guests
  • Tent Rental available