In recent years, a critical examination of inequity, discrimination, and gender-based violence in sports has gained momentum across Canada and the globe. StFX is not immune to the pressing issues of systemic inequity, gender-based violence, sexual violence, racism, discrimination, intolerance, injustice, and colonialization within the realm of athletics. 

StFX President Dr. Andy Hakin has commissioned several committees which have made concerted efforts to address institutional-wide equity, diversity, and inclusion. These include: 

  • The Sexual Violence Prevention Committee (SVPC). 

  • The President’s Advisory Committee and Anti-Racism (PACAR). 

  • The University Accessibility Plan Committee. 

Concurrently, the VP Students and the Senate Quality of Life Committee initiated a thorough evaluation of the student experience, culminating in the Student Experience and Opportunity Plan (SEOP). The SEOP is an integral pillar of our University Strategic Plan: Building our university the way it is meant to be. Additionally, the Equity Advisory Committee has engaged in comprehensive recommendations in developing StFX’ s first employment equity policy.

A high-level description of these committees is available here.

StFX University is committed to the Xaverian values and principles of equity, anti-racism, accessibility, and a campus-wide approach to all students succeeding and flourishing.

In December 2023, as mandated by the President, the VP Finance and Administration and the VP Students, the University launched the Athletic Equity, Safety and Well–Being Project and established the interdisciplinary Athletics Equity and Safety Advisory Committee. The primary goal of this committee is to support the Department of Athletics in being leaders in promoting safe, equitable, and inclusive sports environments. 

The committee will develop an implementation and accountability framework specific to StFX Athletics. This will serve as a plan to modernize StFX’ s approach in several critical cultural areas, including but not limited to: gender and sexual violence prevention, employment equity, equitable resourcing, anti-racism, and inclusion, addressing anti-oppression and power imbalances in sports including the provision of safe reporting options. The Athletics Equity and Safety Advisory Committee will conduct a comprehensive review of Athletics policies and practices to ensure that they align with these objectives. 

The Athletics Equity and Safety Advisory Committee will be instrumental in fostering continuous improvement ultimately enhancing equity, safety, and inclusion within StFX Athletics and position StFX as a leader in equitable, inclusive, and safe sport. Accountability is paramount and we are committed to ensuring our department evolves to meet the demands of the times while upholding our values. Together we embark on this journey toward a more equitable and inclusive future for StFX Athletics.