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About Nursing

Over 80 years of outstanding education in health care has allowed the StFX School of Nursing to evolve into one of Canada’s most respected nursing programs. Graduates are known around the world for their caring, competency, and commitment to the field.

Why study Nursing at StFX?

As a student in StFX’s B.Sc.N. program, you will have excellent learning opportunities that support best practice experiences.

StFX offers diverse clinical experiences in community health, mental health, acute care, maternal and child care, pediatrics, and international service learning opportunities. This diversity creates a dynamic learning environment that produces graduates who understand the complexity of nursing practice and the multi-level interventions required to address the needs of patients, families, communities, and populations.

First Year Nursing:

During your first year, you will complete a required 30 Arts and Science course credits. In your second year and onwards, you will be immersed in concentrated nursing courses and clinical practice experiences.

Rewarding careers in Nursing:

Nurses have always been in high demand. You’ll have career options including work in hospitals, homecare, community, public health, research and policy, government, education or other exciting areas.

Flexible degree choices:

Starting in September 2016, StFX Nursing will offer a new Traditional 4-Year program over four calendar years (no intersessions) that includes eight semesters of study and an April graduation. This option primarily targets students entering from high school.

In place of the original post-degree program, an Accelerated 2-year option will be offered starting January 2017. This option primarily targets students with prior post-secondary credits. It starts each January with nursing courses and clinical experiences required throughout winter, spring/summer and fall terms and a December graduation.

Other choices include the Part-Time Post RN option, and a program that offers a co-operative non-credit opportunity for students to work in Nova Scotia.

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