University Senate - Quality of Life Committee

The membership of the Quality of Life Committee is as follows:

a. Head of Student Services
b. Associate Registrar, Enrollment (non-voting)
c. Manager, Student Experience (non-voting)
d. Director, Student Life
e. Director, Internationalization
f. Director, Health, Counselling & Accessible Learning
g. Students’ Union Vice-President Academic (SUVP Academic)
h. Three faculty senators elected by Senate
i. Two incumbent student senators nominated by the SUVP Academic, elected by Senate
j. Three other students selected by the SUVP Academic in consultation with the Student Senators’

Terms of Reference:

1. The Committee shall be concerned with matters pertaining to the promotion of a quality of life
conducive to the personal growth of St. Francis Xavier University students. This Committee shall
report and make recommendations to the Senate on the development or maintenance of programs and services which serve to nurture students’ personal well-being and a healthy community. As required, this Committee may also invite the Director of Student Life to speak about discipline and other matters.

2. The Committee shall deal mainly with matters of student life including:
a. The program of extra-curricular activities including athletic, cultural and social events;
b. Student – faculty – administration relationships;
c. The program of student services;
d. The provision of required physical facilities;
e. The inclusion of all students into all facets of campus life;
f. Establishing policies pertaining to student conduct and discipline;
g. Other efforts to promote the physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being of students.

3. The Committee may, with approval of Senate, include any other aspect of University life which it
sees as affecting the quality of life at St. Francis Xavier University.

4. In pursuance of its objectives, the Committee shall:

a. Normally be co-chaired by the Head of Student Services and a student;
b. Consult with and advise other committees and officials on matters pertaining to its
c. Serve as a forum for suggestions and recommendations from individuals in the university
d. Make recommendations to Senate and/or appropriate officials for the implementation of
programs, activities or services important to achieving its objectives.

DATE: April and October
TERM: One year (Students); Three years (Faculty)
NUMBER: Three faculty serving on Senate; two student senators; and three other students


University Senate



Committee Membership

Holly Richardson N/a 3 Year 'Jul 2021' 'Jun 2024' Faculty of Science
Shah Razul N/a 3 Year 'Jul 2020' 'Jun 2023' Faculty of Science
Kara Thompson N/a 3 Year 'Jul 2020' 'Jun 2023' Faculty of Arts
Jonathan Rosborough N/a 1 Year 'Jul 2020' 'Jun 2021' Faculty of Arts
Marion Alex N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2018' 'Jun 2021' Faculty of Science
Patti Hansen-Ketchum N/a 1 Year 'Jul 2019' 'Jun 2020' Faculty of Science
Doug Al-Maini N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2017' 'Jun 2020' Faculty of Arts
Chris Gilham N/a 3 Year 'May 2017' 'Jun 2019' Faculty of Education
Donna Halperin N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2015' 'Apr 2018' Faculty of Science
Manuel Aquino N/a 2 Year 'Jan 2016' 'Apr 2017'  
Deborah Graham N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2014' 'Apr 2017'  
Marion Alex N/a 2 Year 'Apr 2014' 'Dec 2015' on Sabbatical Jan 1, 2016
Wojciech Tokarz N/a 1 Year 'Apr 2014' 'Jun 2015' on sabbatical July 1, 2015
Peter Marzlin N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2012' 'Jun 2014' on sabbatical July 1st
V. Karunakaran N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2011' 'Apr 2014'  
David Young N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2011' 'Apr 2014'  
Jason Potts N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2010' 'Apr 2013'  
Lavinia Stan N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2010' 'Apr 2013'  
Ryan Billington N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2009' 'Apr 2012'  
Tara Taylor N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2008' 'Apr 2011'  
Adela Sandness N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2007' 'Apr 2010'  
Ottilia Chareka N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2007' 'Apr 2010'  
Rejeanne LeBlanc N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2005' 'Apr 2008'  
James Cormier N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2005' 'Apr 2008'  
Peter Poole N/a 3 Year 'Apr 2005'

'Apr 2008'

25 members.