Communications & Marketing Department

The Marketing & Communications and Team advances and protects St. Francis Xavier University's reputation of excellence. 

Among our many responsibilities, we manage the content and design of the university's official print publications, the main website and social media channels, the release of university news and videos and the use of StFX's name and image. We also handle media relations. We work with offices and departments across campus to create engaging stories about the impact of our institution to a wide range of audiences locally, nationally, and around the world.

Quite simply, we are committed to helping create communications that engage, inform, and promote the university.


While many important issues arise, the Marketing & Communications Office prioritizes projects that advance the university's recruitment and fundraising efforts. We do this by:

  • Emphasizing the exceptional academic quality and achievements of our faculty and students; and,
  • Showcasing the very best in a highly personalized, immersive learning experience, with special attention to our unparalleled student opportunities.


The Marketing & Communications Office receives many requests from various constituents across the campus. To help manage projects, we ask all requesting departments to submit the job request form. The production team meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 9:30 A.M., to review new requests and discuss the status of projects on the go. A member of the production team will acknowledge receipt of a submission and respond following the next production meeting after you submit your request. 

With a high volume of requests, please understand that our workload and production schedules fill quickly -- typically 3 - 5 weeks in advance. Requests that come in within that time frame may not be able to be accommodated as per desired deadline. Last-minute or rush requests may be outsourced to one of our trusted partners due to previous scheduled jobs (at the expense of the requesting department). 


Communications & Marketing Department

1st Floor Xavier Hall
4545 Alumni Crescent
Antigonish NS B2G 2W5