Supports and Alternatives

Through consultations with students and experts, StFX understands that to address high risk behaviors, we must also address the complex interactions between high-risk behaviors and health, mental health, substance use, the social determinants of health and sexualized violence harms.

Our approach advocates for authentic relationships and helping students to find alternate ways to feel connected with each other and their community while educating students and providing appropriate supports to mitigate harms relating to these complex issues. The Student Experience and Opportunity Plan will evolve a five-year strategy to address these complex intersecting issues.

However, StFX is also acting now to provide additional supports and alternatives to higher-risk party behaviours:

Bloomfield Hub The Hub is a new professionally staffed space on campus which builds community and connection through positive stress reducing activities. Students can get together with friends, take part in organized activities (e.g. arts and culture, coffee houses), freely enjoy available activities (board games, art supplies) in a social and substance free environment Wednesday through Saturday evenings.

Enhanced Recreational Services: In partnership with Student Services Partners such as Bloomfield Hub and Residence Life, recreational opportunities have been added to provide students with new opportunities to gather and build community in safe and healthy ways. StFX Recreation offers competitive Club sports, including badminton, lacrosse, baseball, cheerleading, rowing, dance, rugby, equestrian, swimming, field hockey and ultimate frisbee. StFX Intramurals offer a level of play and activities that can work for all skill levels. Ultimate frisbee, flag football, innertube waterpolo, 3v3 basketball, and eSports are just a few of the watys to be active and involved. In addition to a wide variety of fitness, and aquatics Active Living provides active lifestyle options such as skating, mindfulness Yoga and Wednesdays Walk for Wellness. X-Rec Outdoors offers hiking snowshoeing, cross country skiing, paddling, stand up paddle boarding and more. Groups interested in accessing tailored programming please contact Bethany Theuerkauff or Gerry Balcom.

Student and Residence Life has offered expanded after-hours programming and has implemented changes to the Student Code of Conduct and created new Residence Standards. These changes mean that StFX will:

  • Use restorative community practices to address harms to individuals and restore healthy and safe communities;
  • Apply a trauma-informed and culturally relevant approach when responding to harm on campus;
  • Use an investigative model with a Responsible Authority when university suspension is a possible outcome, to better support students and their mental health.