Safety and Mitigation

The StFX Office of the VP Students meets weekly or bi – weekly with on- and off-campus partners to monitor and share information that informs approach to planning, mitigation and response to traditionally high-activity times in the student calendar. This includes regular meetings with representatives of the RCMP, Antigonish By-Law Enforcement, and St. Martha’s to designate additional emergency resources required to help keep students and our community safe.

We have increased resourcing and training of professional staff and student leaders in StFX Residences.

We are providing increased food options and strategic communication as practical ways to mitigate harm.

Harm Reduction

StFX will provide new and expanded safer and positive community building alternatives during typically active times (e.g., early Fall, Homecoming):

  • StFX and the StFX Students Union offered an “Extended Orientation Program which provided a significant in substance free social and community building options during the month of September 2022.
  • StFX and the StFX Students’ Union will offer a slate of new sanctioned Homecoming activities October 15, 2022.