High Level Recommendations from Being Xaverian/ Good Neighbors Working Group


Continue to strengthen community relations between students and residents of the Town and County of Antigonish and StFX University

Engage students, maintain regular contact with neighbors and other stakeholders, and formalize the Ad Hoc Good Neighbors Working Group by forming a permanent committee to foster communication and collaboration concerning the promotion of positive student experience of StFX and the communities of the Town of Antigonish and of the Municipality of the County of Antigonish. The Committee will work collaboratively to maximize student health, belonging, safety and positive social culture while minimizing harm to individuals and community.  The Committee will enhance communications and collaboration by connecting StFX staff, and students with the Town and County and engage service stakeholders including health, RCMP and Antigonish By Laws and the local Landlord Association.


Reduce Harm

  • Help students host safer parties
  • Educate students on their responsibility and liability regarding the safety of attendees at their parties, personal harm reduction and being a respectful member of the community
  • Provide extra protection and support for those who have over consumed
  • Provide food, water, porta potties in high density areas

Reduce the impact of house parties on residential neighborhoods by providing attractive alternatives for students to celebrate homecoming and other high activity times on campus

  • Encourage and promote a calendar of multiple smaller scale events
  • Host concert on campus (all ages wet and dry)

Frame Homecoming as more about community building by providing alternatives for those who do not want to party excessively.

Seek broader engagement of departments, students, societies, and additional community partners to host more activities during Homecoming and St. Patrick’s Day


Strengthen our ability to manage the environment

  • Policing
  • Security
  • Review of approaches and by laws used by other jurisdictions
  • Promote use of Schedule B by Landlords
  • Promote Landlords to strongly encourage tenants to go on campus for HoCo
  • Organize “clean teams” for recycling and garbage pick-up during and after the events, increase waste receptacles, portable toilets etc.