Spatial Data Resource Centre

Located on the first floor of the Angus L. Macdonald Library, the Spatial Data Resource Centre (SDRC) is now open! Developed to actively support the learning and research activities of members of the StFX community, the Centre is home of location dependent data and the resources needed to extract information for use in academic and research initiatives. The Centre includes a repository of maps, air photos and digital data along with the software needed to help researchers at StFX use geoinformatics to explore and identify spatial trends, features and relationships.  SDRC staff will be available to assist anyone needing help in acquiring the right data to answer their spatially related questions.

Geoinformatics is a large, interdisciplinary field that is adopted by several disciplines to address questions concerning the location and temporal nature of data. The use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), or the software used in geoinformatics, allows students and researchers to analyze, model, manage, map, administer and develop spatial data. Applications of spatial data are varied and have included playing a central role in discovering and understanding aspects of retail development, identifying and analyzing political trends, understanding epidemiological concerns and the geography of risk, as well as logistics and transportation. Staff at the Centre will gladly provide you with a tour of the resources available and even suggest new or different ways in which GIS might contribute to your research.

At the Centre exists the capabilities to produce large-scale prints, including full-sized maps, posters and images. This allows researchers, faculty, staff and students to print commercial or custom maps and have custom presentation materials to suit their teaching and research needs.

For technical assistance using the Spatial Data Resource Centre, please contact Matt Schumacher (PGeo, MSc, PhD Candidate). Mr. Schumacher has substantial experience in private and public sector environmental and geological focused GIS projects, including projects for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, municipal governments, and several consulting firms.

You can reach Mr. Schumacher at @email should you need assistance at any time. He will be at the Spatial Resource Centre help desk based on availability.

The repository currently includes:

  • Maps (various types; predominantly of Nova Scotia, REGION, REGION, REGION)
  • Air photos (predominantly Nova Scotia, circa 1945 to present)
  • GIS Data (vector and raster formats)
  • Printer Plotting available

Where to find the SDRC:

  • Angus L. MacDonald Library, Ground Floor
  • Online through request (@email)

*permission/release form signing might be necessary to access and use materials. Materials used for academic purposes must be properly cited. We can assist you in properly citing the materials from the Spatial Data Resource Centre that you use.

The SDRC will be evolving with time. Future activities of the SDRC include:

  • Digitization of all maps and air photos
  • Creation of an open data portal
  • Development of a data storage centre
  • Increased online accessibility
  • Campus and community education on geoinformatics


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