Program Overview:

About Climate and Environment

The best people to address environmental issues, from local waste management to global climate justice, are ones who have a solid grasp of societal dynamics as well as rigorous scientific analysis.   

The Bachelor of Arts and Science in Climate and Environment is an interdisciplinary program that fosters critical thinking and problem solving. You’ll take courses in the arts and sciences, providing you with a wide-ranging perspective on the dynamics of climate and environmental issues. 

Exploring these complex questions alongside renowned faculty, you’ll build a strong foundation for understanding the major problems facing our planet and how we can bring about change. 

Why Study Climate and Environment at StFX? 

An Arts and Science Perspective 

The BASc in Climate and Environment is designed with the complexity of our world in mind. You will benefit from the contributions of diverse areas of knowledge, shaping your own education to focus on the areas you’re most passionate about.  

Experiential Learning and Work Opportunities

Climate and Environment students have many opportunities to learn by doing – including outdoor labs and courses. In your fourth year you’ll get to work with community groups, governments or businesses to help solve a real-world environmental problem. You can also gain relevant, paid work experience through our Co-op program.

Study with Cutting-Edge Researchers 

Our faculty – your teachers – are leaders in the field of climate and environment. You’ll get to work closely with us at this small, teaching-focused university. We’ve had great success securing prestigious research awards, creating many opportunities for StFX students. 

First Year at a Glance 

The first year is designed to provide you with the disciplinary foundations that will help you succeed in upper-year courses. After gaining an introduction to climate and environmental issues, you’ll take courses in biology, sociology, economics, and computer science or math. By developing your knowledge from both an arts and science perspective, you’ll be able to tackle complex issues facing our communities and the planet. 

Future Opportunities


Job opportunities are growing in the field of Climate and Environment. Graduates of this program will be well equipped for many satisfying careers – from managing natural resources to developing agricultural strategies, renewable energy solutions, and innovative research. As climate and environment take center stage in our society, there is a growing need for economists, community and political leaders, public employees and educators who understand climate and environmental issues. 

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Graduate and Further Study

BASc in Climate and Environment students will have the benefit of gaining research experience, preparing them exceptionally well for further study in graduate or professional programs. Graduate programs in climate and environment are varied and many have differing admissions criteria. If your plan is to complete a graduate or professional program after your undergraduate degree, it is strongly recommended that you consult faculty in the program or the career centre. 

“The interdisciplinary approach taken throughout the program allowed me to explore a variety of subjects and their relationship to the natural environment which surrounds us. The small classes led to strong relationships among my peers and professors, while also allowing for experiential learning, including field trips. The program prepared me well to pursue a post-graduate degree in Architecture at Dalhousie University.”  

- Mary Caplice, Class of 2022

  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Clean Energy Researcher
  • Climate Change Specialist
  • Environmental Policy Analyst
  • Reclamation Specialist

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