StFX Student Harlee Melinchuk Awarded Bank of Canada Master’s Scholarship for Women in Economics and Finance

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Harlee Melinchuk

It’s a good news day for StFX student Harlee Melinchuk. The Edmonton, AB native is the successful recipient of a Bank of Canada Master's Scholarship for Women in Economics and Finance, which includes $10,000 for master’s studies and mentorship from a Bank of Canada employee.

Additionally, Ms. Melinchuk, who graduates from StFX in May with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in economics and a subsidiary in mathematics, has accepted an offer of employment from the Bank of Canada to work as a research assistant in the Canadian Economic Analysis department starting in June 2022 for a one-year term. This offer is separate from the scholarship award. 

“Upon learning that I was selected as a scholarship recipient, I was pleasantly surprised and very excited! I am grateful to the Bank of Canada as scholarships, such as this one, are extremely important in increasing diversity and representation in the economics and finance sector,” Ms. Melinchuk says.  

She credits her professor Dr. Greg Tkacz, a Department of Economics faculty member, who made one of her classes aware of this opportunity. “Otherwise, I would not have known to apply. I am appreciative that the faculty at StFX encourage their students to seek out opportunities, which may seem harder to find when attending a smaller university.” 

Ms. Melinchuk says she is extremely glad she chose to attend StFX. “I had not originally intended to pursue an honours degree or to attend graduate school, but the Department of Economics does a fantastic job in ensuring that students are made aware of the opportunities and paths available to them.”

Additionally, she says the intimate learning environment has helped encourage her to seek out challenging courses which will be valuable in her future studies and career. 

“I have also benefited from research and work opportunities. which are great to have at the undergraduate level.”