StFX computer science students win awards at Science Atlantic conference

L-r, Dr. Milton King, Cole MacDonald, Dr. Taylor Smith, Patrick Bowen, Ramzan Khan, Sanket Vagal, Vaishav Dhepe, Kalen Gray, Alastair May, and Yuchen Wei.

Two StFX computer science students were among the award winners and the entire delegation of StFX students had a great showing at Science Atlantic’s 2022 Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Conference hosted by Mount Allison University on October 14-15. 

Among the award winners were StFX’s Alastair May, who won the Computer Science Communication Award, and Patrick Bowen, recipient of the second place Computer Science Research Award.

StFX sent three students, Mr. May, Mr. Bowen, and Yuchen Wei, to present their summer projects, and five programmers who were split into two teams for the competitive programming competition. 

The two programming teams consisted of Cole MacDonald and Kalen Gray; and Ramzan Khan, Sanket Vagal and Vaishav Dhepe. Dr. Milton King coached both teams. 

“Out of 16 programming teams, StFX’s two teams tied for fourth place with regards to the number of problems solved, and seventh and eighth when incorporating the time to solve the problems,” says Dr. King. 

Both Dr. King and computer science professor Dr. Taylor Smith attended the conference.