StFX Anthropology professor Dr. Susan Vincent receives prestigious recognition

Dr. Susan Vincent standing in front of a CASCA banner

On November 16, 2023 at the joint meeting of the American and Canadian Anthropology Associations in Toronto, Dr. Susan Vincent received prestigious recognition.

Canadian Anthropology Association President Dr. Emma Varley stated:

Beginning in 2016, the Canadian Anthropology Society has recognized a select number of Founding Fellows whose contributions have defined anthropology in Canada. Fellows are longstanding members of the Canadian Anthropology Society who have made notable contributions to CASCA and to anthropology in Canada through any combination of research, practice, teaching/mentoring or service (including community service). The Founding Fellows come from all regions and both official languages and were selected and offered this honour by the Executive. It is my honour to now present the Fellows of the Canadian Anthropology Society for 2023.

Dr. Susan Vincent completed her master’s degree at McGill and her Doctorate at the University of Toronto. Beginning with her graduate work, she has carried out long term ethnographic research on livelihood strategies in the Central Peruvian Andes throughout her career. She is a Full Professor in the Department of Anthropology at St. Francis Xavier University. Dr. Vincent’s work exemplifies discerning scholarship in addressing gender dynamics in rural communities, courage in conducting field research in Peru in a period of physical danger, and deep commitment to the communities in which she has worked and lived during these decades. Her continuing research traces the implementation and outcome of development project after development project in one local area over decades.

Please join the Anthropology Department in celebrating Dr. Vincent’s significant achievement.