New position at StFX will help tailor career development services for students with the Tramble Center for Accessible Learning

L-r, Career Transition and EDGE (Engage Develop Grow your Employability) Coordinator Heather Myers; Manager, Student Career Services Jane MacDonald; Accessible Learning Coordinator Elizabeth Kell; and VP Students Elizabeth Yeo.

A new position introduced at StFX this year will help students registered with the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning (TCAL) receive tailored career development services, including workshops, one-to-one career coaching, and employment transition support. 

Under the direction of VP Students, Elizabeth Yeo, StFX secured two years of funding to hire a Career Transition and EDGE (Engage Develop Grow your Employability) Coordinator, whose role is to increase the students' self-awareness, career goals, workplace connections and employability in Nova Scotia. Heather Myers has been hired for the position, a collaborative partnership within VP Students Division between the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning and Student Career Services. 

The grant funding for the position was attained through a partnership with Post Secondary Accessibility Services (PSAS) branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

Ms. Yeo notes that persons with disabilities still face barriers to employment and remain underrepresented in the labour force. “This project enables StFX to better support professional development and employment transition by combining the expertise and supports of the two departments. Our service will help students bridge the transition and address the differing approaches and understanding of accommodations that exist between the education and employment settings.”    

Accessible Learning Coordinator Elizabeth Kell and Jane MacDonald, Manager, Student Career Services, say this position will give dedicated access to career support and work experience for students registered with the Tramble Centre. 

“This specific support will give the TCAL students much needed assistance while in the post-secondary setting providing work experience and career related workshops as they transition to the workplace,” Ms. Kell says. 

“Student Career Services has a strong track record of assisting students with career-related questions. Having Heather join the team will increase the programming and service delivery options for TCAL students. I would highly recommend TCAL students to utilize Heather and the Student Career Services as we contribute to students’ employment and career success,” says Ms. MacDonald. 

Students registered with the TCAL will be able to get career-related assistance and participate in wage-subsidized work experience opportunities. Career development services consists of helping students make connections between academics and the world of work, interests, career values, resume and cover letter writing, job search techniques, interview strategies, and post-grad studies. Personal effectiveness training, which will consist of confidence, goal setting, communication, self-esteem, work preferences, and building professional identity.

The EDGE component is both a part-time and summer work experience program within the province of Nova Scotia for PSAS registered students. The work experience will consist of part-time (to a maximum of 10 hours a week) and full-time summer work experiences. Over the coming months, the Career Transition & EDGE Coordinator will be building the work experience programming. 

In order for students to access these new services, they must be registered with TCAL. Students will be contacted directly about the upcoming programming available to them and the work experience requirements.  

Ms. Myers has a rich professional experience in community and people development, and in building programs that support and enhance individuals’ educational goals. Through her work with government, not-for-profits and academic institutions, she has managed and delivered job readiness programs with a focus on experiential placements that support and mentor learners. She says she is enthusiastic for the opportunity to work alongside The Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning and the Student Career Centre at StFX to help students find the careers they love.