On Giving Tuesday, money raised will help Kevin’s Corner Student Food Resource Centre at StFX

On November 30th, Giving Tuesday, StFX is asking all interested to help support Kevin’s Corner, the student food resource on campus. 

Giving Tuesday is all about giving back. Established to follow the Black Friday and Cyber Monday phenomenon, it’s designed as a day of philanthropy, a global generosity movement to help others. 

“This day is meant to be a day to give back to your community in a different way, and to give to those who probably need it the most leading up to the holidays,” says StFX Director of Development Wendy Langley. 

Knowing the hardships students can face, she says StFX is joining with 10 other universities across the province, in partnership with their students’ unions, to improve food security for the students on their respective campuses on Giving Tuesday. At StFX, funds raised will go to the Students Food Resource Centre, Kevin’s Corner. Good nutrition is always important, and in particular this time of year as students enter exam season, which can bring added stress. 

"Kevin’s Corner Food Resource Center is a vital part of our campus community," says Students' Union president Jack Irvin. "It allows for students who need support through the day or week or year to get nutritious snacks and meal options. Rebranding the center to honour Kevin Fraser and moving it to a more central location in the Bloomfield Center makes for more dynamic options to support our students. Please donate what you can to support Kevin's Corner Food Resource Center. Plus if we hit our goal, (Ancillary Services Director) Bob Hale promised to Polar Bear Dip!" 


StFX will run a social media campaign on Giving Tuesday. 

For every $1 raised, Ms. Langley says the J&W Murphy Foundation, located outside of Halifax, NS has pledged to match the funding to a maximum of $5,000.

“The call to action is anyone who wants to participate in Giving Tuesday and to help students on our campus, please give on November 30 at StFX.ca/give under the Kevin’s Corner designation.”

Kevin’s Corner is named after Kevin Fraser, long time general manager of Sodexo Food Services at StFX. “Kevin did more than we will ever know during his time at StFX and more than he would want us to know for our students. From time to time he would let things slip to me of how he helped a student who needed a meal or two, or when a group came calling for a food donation, he would make it happen,” says Mr. Hale. 

“Kevin was there for the students, and we wanted to honour him by continuing to give back to students. Kevin’s Corner started as simply an area for students to come get a quick snack on the way to class or the way home. We also delivered exam treats around to the various study areas on campus. This is our way of honouring a man who gave so much to others in his own ways to the students he so truly cared about.”