Graduating student Jessica Gaudette wins the cost of her X-Ring through senior survey 

Dr. Amanda Cockshutt, StFX Academic Vice-President & Provost, left, makes the presentation to graduating student Jessica Gaudette

Jessica Gaudette, a graduating applied forensic psychology honours student, has won the cost of her X-Ring thanks to her participation in an annual survey for senior students that gauges student satisfaction and experience. All those who participate are eligible for a prize draw to win the cost of their X-Ring.

The survey is administered by the Academic Vice-President and Provost’s office and the Office of Institutional Analysis. It collects data on all aspects of the student experience from academics to extracurriculars from a senior student perspective.

“When reflecting on my time here at StFX, I could not be more thankful for the connections and opportunities it has provided me,” Ms. Gaudette says. 

She says she came to StFX because of her interest in the new Applied Forensic Psychology program, but little did she know the profound impact it would have on her personal and academic growth.

“The X-Ring provides me not only with a physical representation of my hard work that I can take with me, but also gives me a sense of deep connection to the community everywhere I go. Having the X-Ring makes me distinguishable in a roomful of people and sparks up a conversation where I can reflect on the four most influential years of my life.”

Ms. Gaudette says she is incredibly honoured and proud to be a StFX graduate and the X-Ring provides both a sense of pride and accomplishment.