Joel Garrod

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Joel Garrod

Assistant Professor
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Nicholson Tower Rm 617

I am a critical political sociologist/economist who conducts research on the contemporary political economy of capitalism; in particular, on the relationship between globalization, neoliberalism, corporate power, and the transformation of the nation-state. Falling within the broad confines of the subfield of capitalism studies—a transdisciplinary subfield that is “unafraid of large structures, long processes, broad comparisons, and big questions” (Ott & Milberg, 2014, para. 3)—my research is concerned with tracking historical changes to property relations in order to explore their theoretical and practical implications, especially as they relate to contemporary issues of power and social justice.


Canadian and Global Political Economy; Social Theory; Comparative and Historical Sociology; Political and Economic Sociology; Globalization; Neoliberalism; Nation and Nationalism


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