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Jim Bickerton

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Canadian politics, federalism, regionalism, regional development, parties and elections.


"Diversity Accommodation as a Strategy of National Unity: The Case of Canada" in Alain-G. Gagnon and Michael Burgess, eds. Revisiting Unity and Diversity in Federal Countries: Changing Concepts, Reform Proposals and New Institutional Realities (Leiden: Brill/Nijhoff, 2018), 233-258.

"Managing Diversity Through Citizenization: Citizenship Regime as a Framework of Analysis" in M. Paquet, N. Nagels, and A-C Fourot, eds. Citizenship as a Regime: Canadian and International Perspectives (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2018), 141-164.

"Enhancing Democratic Engagement through Electoral Reform and Civic Literacy" in Alex Marland and Lisa Moore, eds. The Democracy Cookbook: Recipes to Renew Governance in Newfoundland and Labrador (St. John's, NL: ISER, 2017), 163-66.

The Right to Fair and Effective Representation: Electoral Boundaries Commissions in Nova Scotia. Commissioned Study for Elections Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Electoral Boundaries Commission), August 2018.