James Hughes

James Hughes

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Annex 20B

James Hughes completed his BSc honours at Brock University studying Computer Science and Physics in December 2012. He defended his MSc degree in Computer Science focusing on Bioinformatics at Brock under the supervision of Dr. Sheridan Houghten in August 2014. James moved to London Ontario to pursue his PhD at the University of Western Ontario where he studied Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroinformatics under the supervision of Dr. Mark Daley, who is now the Vice-President Research at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. James defended his thesis in July 2018 and began his appointment at St. Francis Xavier University in August 2018.

Prospective graduate students should consult the following page: https://conlabx.com/prospective-graduate-students/ 



The development of machine learning algorithms for real world applications. Although I am interested in many algorithms, particular strategies of interest are Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Neural Networks. Application areas include neuroinformatics, bioinformatics, kinematics, geology, art, finance, and clinical applications.