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Conall Cash

Banting Postdoctoral Fellow
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Immaculata Rm 415

Conall is a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in Comparative Literature. He arrived at StFX from the University of Melbourne, where he was an Early Career Academic Fellow in French Studies. He received his PhD in French Studies from Cornell University, with a dissertation entitled Identity Out of Place: Flaubert, Beckett, Godard, and the Subject of Modernism.


Research Interests: Modernist Fiction; Film and Television Studies; Film Theory and Film-Philosophy; Continental Philosophy; Social and Political Theory


Journal Articles: 

“The Mortal Subject of Radical Reflection: Self-Consciousness, Sociality, and Politics in Merleau-Ponty.” Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, 29.6 (forthcoming, 2024). 

“Modernism and Identity: The Subject of Madame Bovary.” MLN (Modern Language Notes) 136/4 (Fall 2021): 827-853.  

“Immanence et transcendance dans le marxisme: Retour sur le débat Sartre / Lefort / Merleau-Ponty.” Implications Philosophiques: Espace de recherche et de diffusion, special section on Marxismes français d’après-guerre. Online publication, 2021. 

“Politique symbolique et expression. « L’expérience prolétarienne » entre Merleau-Ponty et le post-marxisme.” Rue Descartes 2019/2 (no. 96), pp. 117-126. 

“Socialism For Our Time: Freedom, Value, Transition.” Review Article on Martin Hägglund, This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedomb2o: boundary2 online (June, 2019).  

“Alves’ Appurtenances: Realism as Doctrine and as Imperative.” Colloquy: Text Theory Critique, Issue 27 (September, 2014), pp. 109-128.  

“The Tension of Rationality.” Review article on Roberto Schwarz, Two Girls and Other EssaysColloquy: Text Theory Critique, Issue 25 (August, 2013), pp. 58-88. 

Book Chapters

La fille inconnue and the Paradoxes of Identity.” In ReFocus: The Films of the Dardenne Brothers, ed. Jamie Steele. Forthcoming, Edinburgh University Press, 2024. 

“The Mystery of ‘The French Inhaler’.” In Warren Zevon and Philosophy, ed. John Mackinnon. Carus Books, 2023, pp. 53-60. 

“Self-Hatred as Identity.” In Better Call Saul and Philosophy, ed. Joshua Heter and Brett Coppinger. Carus Books, 2022, pp. 77-88. 

“Keywords: Communism.” In Understanding Marx, Understanding Modernism, ed. Mark Steven, pp. 231-233. London: Bloomsbury, 2021. 

“Picturing Memory, Puncturing Vision: Nabokov’s Pale Fire.”The Goalkeeper: The Nabokov Almanac, Academic Studies Press: Boston, 2010, pp. 124-151. 

Book Reviews

Fredric Jameson, The Antinomies of RealismAffirmations: Of The Modern, Volume 2 (1), Winter 2014: pp. 165-175. 

Public Writing

“The Dead Eyes of Decision To Leave.” Invited post to American Philosophical Association Philosophy of Film Blog (February 23, 2023)