Celebrate New Research in Religious Studies

Adel, Sara, Matthew, and Robert
, to
Nicholson Tower 8th-floor lounge

You’re invited to “Celebrate New Research in Religious Studies”

“Celebrate New Research in Religious Studies” is a book launch for four StFX Religious Studies faculty, alongside a public presentation of the research that culminated in these publications:

 Dr Robert Kennedy is responsible for translations, with introductions and notes, of five of the eight works by Augustine in the volume Morality and Christian Asceticism (New City Press, 2023), as part of the series The Works of Saint Augustine: a Translation for the 21st Century.

 Dr Matthew Anderson’s book Prophets of Love: The Unlikely Kinship of Leonard Cohen and the Apostle Paul was released by McGill-Queen’s University Press in 2023.

 Dr Adel Hashemi in 2022 published The Making of Martyrdom in Modern Twelver Shi’ism (Bloomsbury, 2022).

 Dr Sara Park’s prize-winning Jewish and Christian Women in the Ancient Mediterranean (Routledge, 2022) is co-authored with Drs Shayna Sheinfeld and Meredith Warren.

 Taken together, these four works – a contemporary critical translation of the Latin works of a towering historical figure, a public-facing exploration of the bible and pop culture, an examination of the place of martyrdom in Shi’a thought since 1979, and a critical textbook focused on the ancient Mediterranean as seen through the lens of gender and methodology, aimed at undergraduates – show the quality and the diversity in the research and output of StFX’s department of Religious Studies.