Off-Campus Students

General Information

We are now accepting applications for our Tri-County and MK cohorts. Applications will be accepted until March 18th after which we will fill seats based on availability.

A start date for both cohorts will be announced soon.


  • Off-campus cohorts are hosted in various parts of Nova Scotia.
  • The off-campus Bachelor of Education cohorts are designed specifically for the elementary stream. Anyone interested in becoming a secondary teacher is welcome to apply to the on-campus program.
  • The off-campus program is offered over the course of three years and is considered full-time with classes running weekends (in-person) and some evenings (virtually).  The off-campus program with a September start typically consists of 3 courses in the fall, 3 in the winter, and a practicum placement in May for the first two years.  In the third year, students typically have 2 courses in the fall and a practicum placement.  In the winter, they have 2 more courses and a second practicum placement.  The second placement aligns with the on-campus program so that students complete the program and attend convocation at the same time. Cohorts that start at another time of year will follow a variation of the program sequence outlined above. 
  • Each practicum is a five-week long, full-time commitment. As such, you would need to plan to take breaks from any daytime employment for the duration of each filed experience placement.  
  • Each of the 4 placements has an increase in teaching responsibilities, starting from 25% in the first placement and moving to 100% in the final placement.  Regardless of incremental teaching responsibilities, BEd students are expected to work full-time with the Associate Teachers in their classrooms in a variety of ways; this expectation applies to each five-week period, even in placements where teaching responsibilities are less than 100%.
  • Tuition rates for our program are always subject to change. Off-campus students pay tuition using the Part-time and Spring/Summer tuition. For more information on current tuition, visit (see Per-Credit Fees for a breakdown). More details on tuition are available at the Student Accounts Office at @email or phone 902-867-2123.