Catholic Studies

Welcome to Catholic Studies!  

We are a tiny and welcoming interdisciplinary program in the best tradition of the Liberal Arts, built on the scaffolding of our University's founding by the Diocese of Antigonish in 1853: to educate the children of the labourers, farmers, fishers, and tradespeople in the region who, otherwise, would not have been able to get a university education. Here, you will discover philosophy, art, literature, religion, and history, all coming together to allow you not only to understand Catholicism but also to explore people, places, motivations, and principles that have influenced, and continue to influence,  world politics and culture for the last 2000 years.  


Our program allows you the freedom to take courses not only from us, but also from various other departments, such as English, Philosophy, History, Classics, and Religious Studies, and other programs. You can tailor your program to suit your needs. The interdisciplinary nature of Catholic Studies allows you to become a well-rounded thinker who looks at ideas from a variety of perspectives.  


With Catholic Studies, you will be prepared for a wide variety of careers. Our students go into education, business, international development, non-profit organizations, pastoral counselling, social work, and graduate study.   


Our faculty are dedicated to helping you succeed. Our small classes mean that we get to know our students well. We also offer financial awards every year.  

We welcome you on the journey to explore 2000 years of Catholic thought and culture.  


Dr. Joseph Khoury
Coordinator, Catholic Studies 

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Catholic Studies

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