Exam Invigilation for Non-StFX Courses

Exam Invigilation for Non-StFX Courses

Invigilator Contact Information

Nancy Marenick @email Weekday afternoons
Charlie O'Flaherty coflaher@stfx.ca Weeknights after 4 PM
Anelia Wasserman @email Weekdays

Duties of the Student

  • Be a current StFX student.
  • Contact an invigilator on the list and determine a time to write.
  • Contact the offering university, request the examination be sent to the StFX Registrar's Office and ensure the offering university can provide the examination documents on time.
  • If the examination is through Athabasca University, please use the invigilator ID: 3376707.
  • At least one week in advance of the scheduled exam, complete the Exam Invigilation Request Form and email with payment to the Registrar's Office. Failure to submit the form at least one week in advance may jeopardize the scheduled exam.
  • The fee is $75.00 for a minimum of 3 hours, plus $25.00 for each additional hour.
  • Any courier costs or special handling costs are extra and must be ordered and paid for in advance.

For Invigilators

  • The Registrar's Office will notify you when the request form has been received and confirm the time the student has provided.
  • Confirm the exam documentation is set to arrive on time.
  • Submit a request to @email to reserve SCHW 492, the primary writing location.
  • After the examination, return all documentation to the Registrar's Office.


Registrar’s Office

2nd Floor Nicholson Tower
2329 Notre Dame Avenue
Antigonish NS B2G 2W5