Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
StFX students participating in Service Learning Projects

Service Learning

“Service Learning experiences help us to recognize the value of community and the small things that each one of us can do to help build a global community.” ” 

— Faculty leader, St. Francis Xavier University

A Legacy Of Education beyond the books:

StFX was the first university to introduce Service Learning in Canada

If you want learning opportunities that extend far beyond the classroom, Service Learning is for you. Pioneered in Canada at St. Francis Xavier University, Service Learning blends hands-on opportunities and academic study with community service, for a well-rounded approach to the undergraduate experience.

You’ll find plenty of diverse learning opportunities within this model, including course-based, and multiple Immersion experiences that could take you to places like Belize, Grenada, Ghana and more.

Life-changing opportunities

It’s one thing to learn about complex societal issues from academic study. It’s another to immerse yourself in them first-hand. Combined, this approach to learning prepares you for life after university, and gives you a unique and valuable perspective.

Service Learning builds on the university's tradition of social responsibility and brings a philosophy of outreach to the undergraduate experience. The results can be simply life-changing.



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