Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
What students have to say about StFX

What Students Have to Say

StFX students and alumni are BY FAR the best ambassadors for the StFX experience. So we asked some to put together their own stories, use their own words. Here are just a few, as submitted, unedited. We invite you to read what they have to say.

Brandon Hamilton, BA '15, BEd '17

"Being the first generation in my immediate family to attend university proved to be a very exciting and frightening time of my life."

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    Meaghan Wright, BBA '16

    "When I reflect on my StFX experience, there are three things that stand out to me: passion,transformation and the value of giving back."

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    Pheerawich Chitnelawong, BSc ’19

    "I never saw the actual campus at all when I decided to come to StFX. I took a leap of faith, not knowing what was ahead. What I can say is that my experience here is heavy, too heavy not to share."

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    Nicole MacFarlane, BSc ’15, BBA Accounting (Co-Op)

    "I have been a part of a learning partnership, which has helped me become more confident, more experienced, and more prepared to enter the workforce."

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    Mitchell Allen, BBA '18 Adv. Major Marketing (Co-Op)

    "Co-op introduces you to refining your professional conduct, as well as building healthy relationships for post-graduate opportunities."

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