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RBC Foundation Undergraduate Summer Research Internship Awards


The RBC Foundation Undergraduate Summer Research Internship Award program gives StFX students the opportunity to be involved in the creation of new knowledge and the creative use of existing knowledge through original research carried out under the supervision of a faculty supervisor/mentor.  Students will build on the knowledge they have acquired in their courses and will have the opportunity to develop and apply new analytical skills. Perhaps most importantly, through this program, students have the opportunity to participate in the community of researchers that share their interests.  Many StFX students have, while still enrolled in Bachelor programs, presented papers at learned conferences, been authors on articles published in international journals, and/or contributed to knowledge mobilization through local, regional, national or international collaborations.

Funding to support student researchers in summer research internships through the Mulroney Institute of Government comes from the RBC Foundation.

To ensure that there are opportunities across the disciplines and faculties of the University, as well as alignment with Mulroney Institute and RBC Foundation funding priorities, StFX will offer up to eight (8) RBC Foundation Undergraduate Summer Research Internship Awards per year.  These awards provide summer research employment for StFX undergraduate students enrolled in Bachelor programs and are worth $8,000 each (which includes applicable benefits and vacation pay) over 14 weeks during the summer (May-August) period.

Applicants submit using the ROMEO Researcher Portal, with a deadline of NOON February 7 (when this date falls on a weekend or holiday, applications are due at NOON the next business day). Please visit the Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students page for more details and instructions.


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