Battery Recycling

Disposing of batteries into landfills poses a significant environmental hazard. Thankfully, batteries can be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally safe manner and to do our part StFX has a program in place for their safe collection.  All batteries on campus should be recycled through campus programs. For most batteries, academic and administration departments on campus can request a collection box and poster from the Facilities Management Service Desk at 902 867 2149 or @email. The box should be displayed in a visible location as determined by the department.

It is important to note that:

  • For safety reasons some batteries must be taped at the terminal, and/or bagged;
    • Charts will be present at all box locations, that give battery specific information;
  • Batteries (not including automotive/wet cell) can be recycled by depositing them in the box;
  • Facilities Management will supply bags.  Departments will be required to supply tape at the disposal site; and
  • StFX issued employee mobile phones will not be accepted as they must go to ITS to be wiped for re-issue or recycling;

Once the box is full (no more than 30 kg), administrators can arrange for collection through Facilities Management by submitting a request to @email. The content of the boxes will be recycled by Call2Recycle.  Click here for more information about what happens to recycled material.

All batteries, not included in the battery box program used in labs or facilities operations must be recycled through the hazardous waste program or local enviro-depot operations.

Call2Recycle Poster